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Have you been putting off a much-needed AC replacement or are you looking to start with a new unit? Regardless of the matter, it’s important to turn to a professional team of AC technicians to ensure a proper installation. At Aire Serv of West Chester we’re prepared to not only handle the air conditioner installation or replacement service needed, but we’re also here to guide you along the AC buying process.

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What Are the Symptoms of a Failing AC?

Buying a new air conditioner doesn’t always have to be a surprise. Through routine inspections and check-ups of your unit, you can know when it’s time to consider a replacement. With preventive maintenance, you can also put a stop to problems early to prevent the full breakdown of your unit.

Some signs it’s time for an AC replacement include:

  • Limited Airflow – Any drop in efficiency or airflow of your home’s air conditioner should be a sign of concern. This can be due to a dirty filter, as well as much bigger problems inside the HVAC system itself.
  • Undesirable Temperatures – While your thermostat may be to blame, an old or outdated air conditioner may not be offering the exact comfort you need for your home.
  • High Energy Bills – When an AC begins to fail, your energy bills will skyrocket without much explanation or reasoning. If this is happening, your unit may be to blame.
  • Foul Smells – Just like the AC in your car, any bad odors or foul smells coming from your home’s AC should be addressed as soon as possible. While you may need a vent cleaning, you may benefit from having your system replaced.

Whether you’ve noticed one or more of these symptoms of AC failure, it’s important to give the team at Aire Serv a call right away! Our team of experienced and extensively trained HVAC technicians are prepared to locate the cause of your problems and help you arrive at an affordable and worthwhile solution.

Should I Repair or Replace My AC?

While we always do our best to complete any repairs possible to extend the life of your current unit, there may come a time that AC replacement is your only option to give your home and family the best protection against heat. Additionally, a new unit will most likely be much more energy-efficient than your old unit, so the replacement pays for itself over time.

When determining if you should repair or replace your AC unit, your West Chester AC service technicians will help you weigh all of your options.

Some things you may want to consider include:

  • Age of unit
  • Frequency of repairs
  • Cost of repairs
  • Cost of current energy bills

AC Replacement Near You

Thinking about the above list can help you determine if you should move forward with a repair or replacement of your home’s air conditioning unit. Whatever you and your local West Chester AC expert decide on, you can expect the service to be completed by our locally owned and operated AC company quickly and efficiently.

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