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Duct Leakage Test in West Chester

Prevent Leaking Ducts & Keep Your Home Comfortable

Air Duct SystemYour heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system includes a vast system of ductwork, and all of these ducts play an important role in keeping your home to cool and well-ventilated. Unfortunately, these ducts can also begin to leak over time, particularly if they were not installed correctly at first. That means it’s vital to check your ducts for leakage every so often – and make sure that these leaks are properly and securely sealed.

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Duct Leakage Testing Near You

At Aire Serv of West Chester, we provide convenient duct leakage testing services for our clients throughout the West Chester area. As your local heating and cooling experts, it’s our goal to make your home as comfortable and energy-efficient as possible. Relying on years of experience, we’ll measure the exact leakage levels in your duct system and then work to eliminate leaks at the source.

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What Does Duct Leakage Testing Include?

Leaking HVAC ducts can have a significant impact on your energy bills, and they can also put a serious strain on your entire heating and cooling system. When air ducts are tightly joined together, the conditioned and cooled air can effectively travel to the right destination, ensuring that you stay comfortable in your home. When these ducts are loose or faulty, however, your system has to work twice as hard to pump the cooled air into the house.

Although it may take a while, you will probably begin to notice that your ducts are faulty during the hottest summer and early fall months, as your air conditioning will not work as effectively as usual. After you sign up for duct leakage testing with Aire Serv, we’ll start by performing a full inspection of your current heating and ventilating system. Using a flex tube and other measuring devices, we will assess how much air is escaping both inside and outside of your house.

Here are some of the methods that we will use to assess duct leakage:

  • Checking visually for tears and separation in the duct system
  • Applying state-of-the-art measuring devices to check airflow
  • Using a smoke emitter or fog machine to identify leaks
  • Relying on remote testers to compare local weather data with your home’s temperature

Also called a “whole home infiltration test,” duct leakage testing is a safe and effective way to improve your energy efficiency and keep your home cool. Once we locate any leaks, we’ll take quick action to seal them and secure your system for good.

How Much Does a Duct Leakage Test Cost?

Home Air Duct SystemA duct leakage test can cost anywhere from $390 to $590, but that range depends on the company doing the testing and how many systems your home or business has. A duct leakage test will save you money in the long term, however, so the money you put in now will save you money later.

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Why Call Aire Serv for Home Infiltration?

Offering upfront pricing, special offers, and 24/7 service, our team at Aire Serv of West Chester would be happy to help you breathe easier in your home. Committed to your complete satisfaction, we go above and beyond for our customers, and we even include a “fixed right” promise with every service we perform – meaning that it’ll be fixed right the first time, or your money back.

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