What temperature should I have my AC set at?

When the summer months start heating up, it's time to ask yourself: What temperature should I set my AC to? The Department of Energy recommends 78⁰ F during peak cooling season to balance your energy savings with a comfortable indoor temperature. But the real answer is: it all depends!

When determining what temperature your AC should be set to, consider what's most important to you. You might want to lower your electricity bill, make your home more comfortable with a cooler temperature, or reach a combination of both. Additionally, the number of people living in your home, as well as outdoor factors like humidity and direct sunlight, are factors to consider. The best temperature to adjust your AC to is one that's affordable without sacrificing comfort.

To keep your electricity bill within budget while still staying comfortably cool in the summertime, keep these tips from Aire Serv of College Station in mind:

Increase Temperature When You're Not at Home

As outdoor temperatures start to climb, your AC works harder to keep your home at an ideal temperature. But when you're not home, set your thermostat to a temperature up to 10 degrees higher. For every degree set above 72, you can save up to 3% on your electricity costs.

Having a smart thermostat installation can make this adjustment even easier by allowing you to change your home's temperature from your smartphone. Before coming home, use your phone to adjust your thermostat to a cooler setting.

Considering installing a smart thermostat in your home? Reach out to Aire Serv of College Station to get started.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great energy-saving solution during those hot summer months. While they aren't as powerful as your AC, using them at the right times is crucial for comfort. At night, when temperatures drop, open a window and turn on your ceiling fan. It'll keep you cool and comfortable while minimizing those electricity costs – and your AC can take a break.

Seasonal AC Maintenance

Having proper AC maintenance before summer ensures your AC is running efficiently. It's important to check for leaks, faulty insulation, or overgrown foliage around your AC – all of which affect its performance quality.

To make sure your AC is ready to tackle the summer heat, schedule an AC tune-up with our team at Aire Serv of College Station.

Invest in an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner

Even adjusting your home's thermostat to a higher temperature might not lower your electricity bill if your AC isn't running properly. Upgrading to a new energy-efficient AC unit might be necessary to lower your energy consumption while keeping you cool and comfortable.

An Energy Star® certified HVAC can be up to 15% more efficient than older models. They have 2-stage cooling and variable-speed fans and can remove up to twice as much humidity in your home. They can keep you cool while operating on a lower setting, and they run longer without stopping and starting – saving you from using excess energy.

An Energy Star® certified HVAC may be the right option for you to save on your next electricity bill. Get in touch with our team at Aire Serv of College Station for our recommendations.

The Best Indoor Temperature for You

Saving money on your energy bill is important, but it's just as important for you and your family to stay comfortable. If setting your thermostat at 78⁰ isn't cool enough, make small changes until you reach the desired temperature. As summertime rolls in, keep these tips in mind to make sure your home stays comfortable and enjoyable.

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