HVAC Repair and Maintenance in Central North Carolina and Surrounding Areas

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Central North Carolina can be very humid and warm in the summer, and the winters can get cold, so it's essential to have an HVAC system that's in top shape for all seasons. When you need North America's most reliable HVAC service, call Aire Serv® for quality HVAC maintenance in Central North Carolina, including Biscoe, Piedmont, and the surrounding areas.

Since 1992, Aire Serv has provided reliable service for our client's heating and cooling needs. We offer a comprehensive list of HVAC maintenance and repair services in Montgomery, Moore, and Randolph Counties. Our skilled experts are equipped to handle every kind of heating and cooling system, and we're available for emergency repairs 24/7 if you need us.

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AC Repair

Don't suffer through the summer with an air conditioner that's not working at full capacity. If you notice weird noises or vibrations or your unit is not cooling well, give us a call for AC repair. Our skilled air conditioning experts will inspect your AC thoroughly, fixing issues like failing fan motors and refrigerant leaks. We'll get your AC back in top shape to beat the summer heat!

AC Maintenance

Routine AC maintenance can help you avoid unexpected, costly repairs. During a maintenance check, we'll fully inspect your AC unit, looking for small problems that could turn into big ones. Routine maintenance keeps your AC system running efficiently and helps to keep your energy bills lower.

Heating Repair

Over time, heating units can experience problems that impact their performance. Keep an eye out for signs like airflow without heat from vents, strange noises, burners with a yellow flame, and heating systems that run constantly. Schedule heating repair service with us if you notice anything like this, as some of these issues can be serious and require attention.

Aire Serv Employees on the Job

Heating Maintenance

Scheduling regular heater maintenance helps keep your system fully functional and operating at peak efficiency. Regular heating maintenance can also prevent costly repairs down the line and help lower your fuel bill.

For reliable HVAC maintenance in Central North Carolina, including Piedmont, Sandhills, Asheboro, Troy, Robbins, and Ramseur, look no further than Aire Serv. Contact us today—give us a call and schedule service today. We look forward to helping you with your HVAC needs!

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