Aire Serv of Central Texas Air Quality Services

If you’re in Central Texas and want good indoor air quality, our air quality services are the right solutions for local Texas residents. Many households suffer from poor air quality, which can cause various health problems. Aire Serv® of Central Texas can test your air to determine the best air quality services to recommend.
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Air Purification Services

Your indoor air quality needs to be good for the health of everyone in the household, and our professionals can help get your air cleaner and everyone healthier. Our teams’ advanced equipment and techniques eliminate many airborne contaminants.

Many air purifiers can be used to clean indoor air, and we can recommend the best types for your specific air quality needs.

Indoor Air Quality Services
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Aire Serv offers several services to help clean your indoor air. We often install air purifiers that work on the entire house and recommend other purifiers you may need for better air quality. We can also change your air filters and ‌air ducts for cleaner air.

Installing and Replacing Air Filters

Your air filters do a lot to clean the air in your home. They need to be relatively clean, however, to work. When air filters get old, they no longer work effectively. That’s why we install and replace air filters. To ensure better effectiveness, replacing every three to four months is key.

Air Quality FAQs

So, why should we worry about indoor air quality, and what is indoor air quality testing? We have these answers and more in our frequently asked questions.

We want you to have all the answers so that you can make an informed decision about your indoor air quality and how to improve it.

What is air quality?
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Your air quality is the amount of contaminants in your home's air. When there are fewer contaminants, the air quality is better, ensuring a more comfortable, safe home.

Why is indoor air quality important?

Air quality can affect your health in several ways, one of the most prominent being respiratory problems due to poor quality.

How to test air quality in your home?

We offer air quality testing in your home to find out about the levels of contaminants in your air.

How to improve indoor air quality

We provide air quality testing services and several other services to help clean your air of contaminants and germs.

If you have general questions or would like to schedule regular maintenance, call Aire Serv of Central Texas now to request an appointment!

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