Dublin Tankless Water Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Tankless water heaters are a compact, energy-efficient solution for enjoying a constant supply of hot water on demand in your Dublin home. If you're facing issues with your tankless water heater or need a replacement, you can rely on our team at Aire Serv® for expert repair, maintenance, installation, or replacement services.

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Types of Tankless Water Heaters We Service:

  • Electric tankless water heater
  • Gas on-demand water heater

At Aire Serv, we prioritize exceptional customer service, quality workmanship, and fair pricing. Whether you require routine annual maintenance or urgent repairs, you can trust us to deliver efficient solutions promptly.

Tankless Water Heater Repair Services in Dublin:

Is your tankless water heater acting up? Our team offers fast and reliable repair services. During our service visit, our Dublin-based technician will conduct a thorough inspection of your unit and its components. After the inspection, we will provide recommendations for repair or replacement, making every effort to repair your water heater.

Tankless Water Heater Replacement in Dublin:

Tankless water heater installation is a straightforward process. After an initial inspection, our team will assist you in selecting a new water heater tailored to your household's specific needs. Once the new unit is obtained, we'll handle the replacement and ensure proper disposal of your old heater.

If you're considering upgrading from a traditional water heater to an on-demand unit, our Dublin-based experts can guide you through the process. Contact your local Aire Serv office to learn more.

Common Problems with Tankless Water Heaters:

Tankless water heaters offer great benefits, but like any mechanical system, they may require repairs. Here are the three most common issues we encounter with tankless water heaters in Dublin:

1. Failure to activate: If your heater doesn't turn on when you need hot water, it could be due to inadequate electricity or gas supply. This may result from a wire short, an ignition system malfunction, or gas line blockage. It could also be due to low hot water demand, as tankless water heaters have a minimum flow rate requirement. Try adjusting the hot water supply valve or using another hot water tap to resolve this.
2. Corroded gas burner: Condensation near the gas burner can lead to corrosion and a potential gas line blockage.
3. Blocked airflow: Blockages in the vent or exhaust can cause overheating in your system. Additionally, malfunctioning temperature sensors can also lead to overheating. Both of these issues are repairable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does a tankless water heater work?

A tankless water heater in Dublin operates on-demand, activating only when you need hot water. Cold water enters the unit, where it is rapidly heated and delivered to your sink or shower.

What are the benefits of a tankless water heater?

Many Dublin homeowners are switching to tankless systems for several reasons:

  • Unlimited hot water
  • Space-saving design
  • Longer lifespan compared to traditional water heaters
  • Energy efficiency, resulting in long-term savings

Are tankless water heaters gas or electric?

Tankless water heaters come in natural gas, propane, and electric models, offering versatility to fit your Dublin home's needs. We recommend having an Aire Serv expert assess your specific requirements to determine the best type, model, and size for you.

Do you need to flush a tankless water heater?

Yes, regular flushing is essential to remove mineral buildup, especially if you have hard water in Dublin. Annual flushing prevents clogs, prolongs your tankless system's life, and ensures efficient operation. For homes with particularly hard water, consider flushing every six months to save on future repair or replacement costs.

How do you change the filter on a tankless water heater?

Changing the filter on a tankless water heater in Dublin can be a complex task. To avoid potential damage to your system, we recommend leaving filter replacement to the professionals at Aire Serv. Rest assured that our experts will handle the job correctly.

Can I install a tankless water heater myself?

Unless you possess extensive knowledge of tankless water heaters, we strongly advise having our professional team at Aire Serv handle the installation. This ensures proper setup and long-lasting performance for your Dublin home.

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