Four large outdoor HVAC units on individual concrete pads.

A quality heating and air conditioning system for the comfort of your home is important. If a new installation seems like a financial burden, we offer solutions which can work for just about everyone! There are a variety of heating and AC financing plans to help get you an upgraded air conditioning or heating system for your home. Aire Serv of Huntsville is your comfort company who collaborates with many businesses in order to help you with the financing – from no money down and low monthly payments, we can find the right plan to meet your needs. Air conditioning financing and heating system financing allow you to get a high-quality system installed and pay overtime. We want to make the HVAC financing process smooth and easy. To do so, Aire Serv of Huntsville brings you the following options based on your credit score:

  • A personal loan: A loan in which you can obtain cash to pay for the new system. Personal loans may have a higher interest rate then other loans, but do not put your home at risk.
  • A home equity loan: Loans that give fixed rates within your payments to finance the unit.
  • Federal or state grants: Depending on your financial situation, the government may be able to help you finance for your HVAC system through weatherization assistance.

If your home is currently serviced by the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority,) they have some additional options as well, including adding the monthly payment right on your utility bill, so as you realize the savings on a new system, you can also pay for it all on one payment. We are an approved TVA-Trained Contractor. The TVA participates in conjunction with e-score to help you learn more about energy savings for your home. They also provide third party inspections after we have completed the job to insure we have met the high level of standards they require for contractors they approve.

Call Aire Serv of Huntsville today to receive a free estimate on your heating and cooling unit to discover the next steps in HVAC financing that are right for you. Putting in a new system can be difficult. Let us help with our excellent customer service for an unmatched experience that puts our customers’ needs first. Beat the heat or the cold today with HVAC financing.