Heater Repair and Replacement Services in the Huntsville area

When days in the Huntsville, Alabama, the area starts to get cold, you need to be able to rely on whatever system you use to keep your home and business warm. Aire Serv of Huntsville offers heater repair, maintenance, replacement, and maintenance to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently. We are here for the homeowners of Huntsville, Brownsboro, Harvest, Laceys Spring, Decatur, Owens Cross Roads, and all the cities around Huntsville.

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Heater Repair

Our HVAC service professionals will solve any repairs that we find, providing quality heater repair for an upfront price. During a check-up, you can receive multiple services in one and save yourself from a potential breakdown in the future. We’ll check for signs of wear and tear and diagnose the problem you called us to inspect. We recommend you call us as soon as you see signs you need heater repair. By setting up an appointment, we can solve repair issues as soon as they arrive and prevent more from occurring. Protect the health of your unit; book a heater repair appointment with us today. Our HVAC experts are prepared to be of service to you. In the event of a heater repair emergency, we offer Anytime Service.

Signs You May Need Heater Repair

  • You have rising heating bills
  • The unit won’t turn on or off
  • The heater is cycling on and off more often
  • You notice strange sounds
  • The pilot light is burning yellow instead of blue
  • Your property is heating unevenly
  • Your indoor air quality is poor or stuffy
  • Your thermostat readings don’t seem correct

Heater Replacement and Installation

Even with regular heater repairs, an old, outdated heater will need to be replaced in order to keep your home running smoothly! Aire Serv of Huntsville is here to provide professional heater replacement, expertly installing new, efficient units in place of your old ones. Enjoy the benefits of a quick, productive heating system when you hire our team of professionals for the job. We can ensure you are able to come home to a warm, cozy home after a long day. If you are building or remodeling your property and need to add HVAC systems, we provide heater installation as well as heater replacement and can even help you add any ductwork your new system needs.

Benefits of a Heater Replacement

Investing in a heater replacement, especially by upgrading to an energy-efficient model, can keep your home’s temperature at the perfect degree for many winters to come! Not only will heater repairs become less frequent, but you can significantly lower the risk of system breakdowns and emergencies by owning a brand-new heater. Our professionals can walk you through the best options for your home and discuss new types of makes and models. Thanks to advances in the market, newer energy-efficient models are cheaper to use and better for the environment. These newer models are great options for brand-new heater installation as well.

Heater Replacement vs. Repair

Will you need to repair or replace your system? When asking yourself this question, first examine the age of your current unit. If it is ten years or older, it may break down and deteriorate over time. Secondly, consider the most recent heater repairs your unit has required. If you have required increasingly expensive and frequent heater repairs, this is a sign that it may be cheaper and more convenient in the long run to purchase an entirely new unit. The third factor to consider is the price of monthly bills. An inefficient system will have to work harder to produce results, leading to an uptick in billing.

Contact our team today for a heater replacement and installation, and give your home’s heating system a much-needed update.

Heater Maintenance

Proper heater maintenance can keep your system in good health, significantly reducing the number of breakdowns and emergency heater repairs. By staying up-to-date with your system, you can own a unit that runs smoothly and keeps you warm and cozy on a cooler day. Our service professionals are here to lend a hand and will keep your heating system in tip-top shape.

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What Does a Maintenance Check Look Like?

One of our most commonly asked questions is what a maintenance check entails. When one of our service professionals arrives, they will provide a thorough inspection, checking for any signs of concern or wear and tear. Our team will evaluate the following parts of your heater:

  • Your unit’s airflow and fan controls
  • The electrical connections
  • The state of your burners
  • The gas line
  • The safety controls
  • The overall unit for signs of rust, cracks, and corrosion

After the initial inspection, we will alert you of any HVAC concerns and will work to resolve any heater repairs we find. Throughout the process, we will lubricate any moving parts, ensure proper thermostat calibration, tighten or replace your belts, and conduct an amp-draw test. Afterward, we will perform a thorough cleaning and a safety check, leaving you with a heating system that is in good condition and ready to use. Throughout our assessment, we’ll note larger problems and talk you through options if heater replacement is necessary.

Aire Serv’s Promise

Aire Serv of Huntsville provides heating and cooling services you can rely on. Our expertise extends past heater repairs and replacements; we also offer other HVAC services such as ductwork installation, duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and thermostat installation. When your home’s indoor air quality begins to falter and your temperatures are out of sorts, give our experts a call. We can provide various HVAC services to get your home or business back into shape.

Before we begin a job, we offer upfront prices, allowing you to see the final bill beforehand. Our experts will hold your best interests in mind, keeping you in the loop about the health of your systems. Here at Aire Serv, our goal is to help you live in comfort all year round. For quality HVAC home services, contact us today. We are here to make your life easier.

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