Professional Pittsburgh AC Tune Up Service

Pittsburgh residents experience a local continental climate with frigid, cold winters and warm, temperate summers. During the thick of summer in mid-July, temperatures can reach a scorching hot 74°F, and it doesn't help the fact that given the excessive humidity during the peak of the rainy season in the month prior in mid-June, the region itself becomes incredibly clammy. Although Pittsburgh avoids the worst of winter's wrath from scathing snowstorms and blizzards compared to its northern counterparts, you are still readily exposed to blistering heat waves. Responsible Pittsburgh homeowners prioritize cooling down their humble abodes and give precedence to air conditioning and understand that it's not something they can toss onto the back burner. This is where Aire Serv of Sewickley steps in with professional Pittsburgh AC tune up services.

When hiring us for an AC tune up, Pittsburgh, PA homeowners will receive high-quality services from certified, licensed, and fully insured Pittsburgh HVAC technicians, who can restore their AC unit to shipshape condition through a maintenance service.

Our Standardized Pittsburgh AC Tune Up Process

An air conditioning system is not indestructible and will inevitably require a touch-up service to prolong its lifespan as, on average, a well-maintained AC unit can outperform between 15 and 20 years before it begins to deteriorate. Normally signing up for a regular Pittsburgh AC tune up service at least annually is far more affordable than having to ask for tedious repairs. A professional Pittsburgh AC tune up service ensures that your HVAC system is fully functional and operating smoothly. By practicing preventive maintenance, you will have a slim, no encounter chance of frequent AC repairs or replacements. A Pittsburgh AC tune up also bolsters your home's energy efficiency by readily reducing your electricity consumption, thereby saving you on your monthly utility bills. If anything, your AC unit does not have to work twice as hard to churn out the same output for refreshing your home. 

Here is what our expert and experienced HVAC professionals take into consideration for a Pittsburgh AC tune up:

Annual Professional Inspection

By depending on a professional HVAC technician to perform a routine inspection, including a Pittsburgh AC tune up, you are being proactive and reducing the likelihood of encountering further AC repairs and replacements. Our technician will execute a thorough inspection of your home's HVAC system and observe various components, including the air conditioner coils, coil fins, refrigerant levels, electrical connections, ductwork, thermostat, etc. Upon completion, your skilled technician will provide you with a list of recommendations for future repairs and installation. For a professional AC tune up, Pittsburgh, PA property owners can expect the standard package as our HVAC technician will, at the very least, cover the basics, from swapping out the filter and scrubbing the condenser and evaporator coil of debris. In doing so, we will ensure your home receives the highest quality airflow from your AC system.

Swapping The Air Filter

Based on the AC unit you own, there are different-sized filers that need to be replaced every month or so. The latest AC models accommodate pleated one-inch filters, which can be swapped out every three months. The turn-around time may be more or less depending on your physical condition, including underlying health conditions such as asthma or any allergies, which require constantly refreshed and cleaner indoor air.

Replacing Ductwork

The ductwork of your HVAC system is composed of metal or synthetic tubes and is responsible for transporting air from your home's HVAC system and distributing it evenly throughout your house. On average, the ductwork will last between 10 and 15 years before it becomes faulty due to pesky pests invading or random gaps and collapsed sections which begin to sag. If there are any air leakages, too, they need to be sealed through a Pittsburgh AC tune up service.

Cleaning Air Conditioner Coils

The AC unit's evaporator and condenser coils may accumulate a layer of dust particles which can potentially stop the coils from absorbing heat and diverting the flow and circulation of cooler air. This excessive debris will slow down your system as it works against the tide, resulting in higher energy consumption and skyrocketing utility bills—so be sure to let our tactical technician give your coils a good scrub.

Straighten Coil Fins

This is a finely woven together network of aluminum fins that serve as a cover for both the evaporator and condenser coils. Sometimes by mistake, the coil fins can be bent into a slightly bent and off-kilter shape and need to be straightened out and realigned so the flow of air is not blocked out. Our trained technicians will straighten them out and cleanse the area to ensure they are filtering out your indoor air to the best of their ability.

Remove Debris On Exterior

Besides changing the filter monthly and cleaning and readjusting the coils, it's also good practice to clean the AC unit too, especially any grime and sediment build-up, such as accumulated dust on the outside of the unit itself. Our agile technician will use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner which has a soft-bristled end to wipe off any debris and residue so the condenser coils and fins are not made vulnerable to any drifting particles.

Why Aire Serv Is The Preferred Choice For Air Conditioner Tune Up And Maintenance Services

There's no denying that a Pittsburgh AC tune up is a win-win solution–not only do you benefit from a cool and fresh breeze consistently, but you also get the added advantage of filtered indoor air and lower utility expenses. Once you commit to your very first AC tune up in Pittsburgh, PA, you will wonder why you didn't ask earlier on!

At Aire Serv of Sewickley, we pride ourselves on our expertise and dedication to customer service and high-quality services and parts. Besides a regular tune up service, we offer expert air conditioning repair, furnace replacement, and indoor air quality testing services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pittsburgh AC Tune Up Services

Why Is Air Conditioning A Necessity?

Nowadays, an air conditioning system is touted as a mandatory necessity rather than a luxury, as it allows your home to achieve a moderate room temperature year-round. Besides bursting through a cool brisk breeze on the hottest of summer days, an air conditioner is versatile as it filters your indoor air quality by removing pollutants such as airborne irritants from the air you breathe. For Pittsburgh homeowners who already own a standard AC unit, they are recommended to be extra vigilant about its proper upkeep through routine maintenance, including participating in a Pittsburgh AC tune up. By signing up for an annual inspection, cleaning, and maintenance service for an AC tune up, you will find that your system will last for many years to come. 

Lately, if you've noticed any of the telltale signs it may be that your AC unit is broken, Pittsburgh, PA property owners are encouraged to ask for an AC tune up:

  • Warm air seeping out from your home's vents
  • Inadequate airflow
  • Frequent cycling
  • Higher humidity levels
  • Water leakages
  • Foul odors
  • Odd sounds

From minor quick fixes to installing a brand-new HVAC system, we can tackle any deed whilst best advising you on how to preserve your Pittsburgh AC tune up so your system doesn't go kaput anytime soon. If you are indecisive about an AC tune up, Pittsburgh residents must note that we offer a one-year parts and labor warranty through our Fixed Right Promise, so if the AC tune up is not up to your standards, we will return and make the proper adjustments. Nobody wants to live in a balmy hot indoor living space, so don't skimp on a comfortable lifestyle by asking for a Pittsburgh AC tune up before the summer descends. Recall an AC tune up is a worthwhile investment as apart from cooling off your house, your indoor air quality will vastly improve as it's being consistently cleaned and filled out through your updated AC unit.

How Often Do HVAC Systems Break Down?

It depends on a couple of factors, including local climate and the quality of installation. For starters, the geographic region you live in and its local temperatures and climate conditions can more or less result in wear and tear on your system. Although most HVAC systems are built to withstand heavy usage, they will have a lifespan between 15 to 25 years, depending, of course, on routine maintenance, including a Pittsburgh AC tune up.

What Are Some Telltale Signs That Your AC System Needs A Tune Up?

  • The AC unit blows subtle, warmer air into your home's vents
  • There is a weaker flow of air from the AC unit
  • Fluctuating indoor room temperature, including hot and cold zones
  • Odd squeaking, squealing, or screeching noises due to a failing fan motor or worn-out fan belt
  • Greater indoor humidity and moisture levels indicated by mold and mildew growth
  • Foul odors
  • Random puddles around the AC unit due to a leakage
  • Soaring utility bills due to excessive electricity consumption

How Often Should I Receive A Pittsburgh AC Tune Up And When Should I Get It?

As previously mentioned, an AC tune up is mandatory rather than optional as it ensures your AC unit is running smoothly and efficiently, plus it can pinpoint any problems before they happen, saving you on costly repairs in the long run. It's best advised to receive a Pittsburgh AC tune up at least once per year if you have a newer AC system and at least twice per year if your system is more than five years old. Preferably, the best time of year is once before summer and again before winter.

Restore Your AC Unit To Shipshape Condition Before The Sweltering Summer! Book Your Pittsburgh AC Tune Up Today!

It's about time to crank out the lightest, coolest, and freshest breeze by asking for a Pittsburgh AC tune up, as nobody should have to brave a sweltering hot summer's day as their home becomes incredibly stuffy. Whether you're in Moon Township, Ambridge, or Wexford, we will show up uniformed in dapper fashion as usual and always prompt and ready to serve you. 

Go ahead and reach out to one of our attentive customer service representatives, who will gladly schedule your service appointment. Whilst you are there, feel free to inquire about our other residential and commercial heating, cooling, and ventilation services. From thermostat repair and HVAC replacement to dehumidifier installation, we sincerely await your call.

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