Comprehensive Residential Air Duct Repair and Replacement Services in Southern New Mexico

Don't let loose or damaged air ducts disrupt the efficiency of your HVAC system. Preserve your energy savings, prevent the spread of contaminants, and keep your home clean by ensuring your ductwork is intact and well-maintained.

When it comes to air duct repair and replacement, trust the experts at Aire Serv® of Southern New Mexico.

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The Types of Air Ducts We Expertly Service

Discover the various types of air ducts we specialize in repairing and replacing:

  • Flexible ductwork
  • Rigid ductwork
  • Sheet metal ducts
  • Fiberglass lined ducts
  • Fiberboard ducts

Our Exceptional Ductwork Repair Services

Say goodbye to common air duct problems! Our repair services tackle issues like poorly sealed registers, unsupported connections, dust buildup, and aging wear and tear. Aire Serv® of Southern New Mexico specializes in fixing damaged joints and connectors that can disrupt airflow and cause leakage. With our expert repairs, your ducts will be perfectly sealed, preventing air leaks and infestations. We'll also ensure the efficiency and safety of airflow through your HVAC system and vents.

Our Reliable Ductwork Replacement Services

When repair is not an option, we offer reliable ductwork replacement. Whether due to a disaster, home renovations, or incorrect sizing, we've got you covered. Our thorough process includes clearing and covering the area to prevent any dust or dirt buildup. If changes in size or layout are needed, we'll carefully plan duct placement, HVAC connections, and register locations before removing the existing system. Once the replacement is installed, we'll clean the area and conduct rigorous testing on your ducts and HVAC system.

Potential Indicators of Air Duct Issues

Is your air duct in need of repair or replacement? Look out for these signs:

  • Dust or dirt accumulation around air vents
  • Unusual noises emitting from your ducts
  • Decreased HVAC efficiency despite regular maintenance
  • Weak or inconsistent airflow
  • Frequent filter replacements required
  • Visible signs of infestation, including holes, tears, insects, or mold
  • Rising energy bills that don't align with usage

Ensure the optimal performance of your air duct system by addressing these warning signals promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to repair or replace ductwork on my own?

Attempting to repair or replace ductwork without proper training is not recommended. Incorrectly handled ductwork can lead to loose parts, inadequate insulation, and imbalanced airflow. This can cause your HVAC system to work harder than necessary, resulting in higher costs in the long term.

How can I identify leaking air ducts?

Signs of possible leaky ductwork include:

  • Uneven heating or cooling in your home
  • Visible tears, kinks, or twists in the ducts
  • Higher-than-normal energy bills
  • Audible sound of air escaping from the ducts

What is the cost of repairing ductwork?

Without knowing the extent of repairs required, it is challenging to provide an accurate estimate. We suggest contacting your local Aire Serv for an inspection and a detailed cost estimate.

Can mold enter air ducts?

Yes, mold can infiltrate your air ducts and diminish indoor air quality. It is more common in regions with high humidity levels. If you notice a foul or musty odor in your home, or if you are experiencing increased health problems and allergy symptoms, there may be mold growth in your air ducts. For assistance in checking your air ducts for mold, contact Aire Serv® of Southern New Mexico to schedule an air duct inspection!

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