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Professional Home Heater Inspection & Service

When winter rolls around, Barton Creek gets chilly. With temperatures dropping as low as 30°F in January. With the right amount of planning and help from a professional heating repair company in Barton Creek, you’ll have peace of mind that your heater will continue to work at optimal performance whenever you need it most and recover from times it falls short.

Aire Serv of Barton Creek is the go-to provider for countless homeowners throughout Barton Creek. Our local heating professionals take the time to learn about the problems you’re experiencing and get to work completing a full inspection of your HVAC system. Our team will locate the cause and present you with all your options to restore comfort to your home and deliver a long-lasting repair that keeps you calm and comfortable all season long.

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Common Home Heating Problems

Due to our decades of experience both locally and nationally, our team in Barton Creek can deliver just about any type of heater repair you could need. Whether your air is refusing to come out, your heater is refusing to turn on, or you’ve seen a decline in your indoor air quality, there’s nothing our team hasn’t seen before.

Some of the common heater problems our team fixes include:

  • A malfunctioning thermostat
  • Inefficient temperatures
  • Faulty pilot light or ignition control
  • Dirty or damaged air ducts
  • Uneven airflow
  • Overloaded breaker
  • Dirty filters
  • Expensive operating costs

Of course, this is just the beginning. While it may seem like a minor inconvenience, it’s important to ensure your heater receives the proper repair services. As time goes on, the problem will only get worse, resulting in a full breakdown of your unit and expensive bills.

Should I Repair or Replace My HVAC Heating System?

While our team will always do our best to repair your heating unit before offering replacement, there may be no other choice but to consider seeking out a new model. Of course, it’s impossible to tell without knowing the exact specifications of your home’s heater and problems you’re experiencing.

Some of the factors that determine if you should repair your heater include:

  • Severity of problem
  • Location of unit
  • Type of issue occurring
  • Date of last repair
  • Cost of repair or repairs
  • Age of heater

During you services, our team will help you make the best decision not only for your home’s comfort, but for the sake of your wallet. We’re always prepared to discuss your solutions and offer upfront pricing before any final decisions are made.

What Are Signs I Should Call a Heating Specialist?

While your unit not producing hot air is an obvious sign you need HVAC heating repair services, some signs are not so obvious. It’s important to understand these to know when you should call our Barton Creek heating specialists.

Some common signs of heater problems include:

  • Sudden spikes in energy bills
  • Trouble turning heater on
  • Unusual noises
  • Odd smells
  • Constantly adjusting thermostat
  • Cold zones
  • Increased dust in the home
  • Allergy flare-ups

It’s important to understand the symptoms of home heating system failure in order to get the proper help before it happens. This can help prevent heating emergencies in the home by having your heating equipment repaired as soon as possible.

Need heat repair for the home? Give our team a call to request your heating service and repair appointment.

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