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Furnace Repair in Fairfield

HVAC Professionals Kicking the Heat Up a Notch

No one wants to get caught on a chilly night without a furnace, only to wake up feeling like you live inside a freezer. Instead of breaking out the extra layers and shivering through your problems, reach out to Aire Serv of Fairfield. Instead of charging by the hour and leaving you with costly overtime fees, we charge by the job. You’ll have a clear outline of your options and transparent pricing to choose the next steps that are best for you. It’s your home, after all. We’re just here to make it more comfortable.

With full insurance and licensing, our HVAC professionals have experience handling all brands of furnaces and diagnostic repairs for a full range of issues. We’ll uncover the source of your problem so you can rest assured it won’t pop back up again.

Why Did Your Furnace Stop Working?

As locals to the Fairfield area, we’re familiar with the most common issues homeowners have with their furnaces. and our support from a national brand means we’re ready to repair the problem due to rigorous training and state-of-the-art equipment.

Lack of Power

If you raise the temperature and the fan doesn’t respond to it, the problem could be:

  • A tripped breaker
  • Loose wiring
  • The furnace switch is off
  • Transformer trouble
  • Thermostat malfunction

Failing Motor

Hearing squeaks or squeals from your furnace often indicate that the motor is not working properly. Consider calling professionals quickly to see if they can prevent the furnace from breaking down entirely.

Burner Can’t Ignite

Depending on the type of furnace you have, this could be caused by dirty flame sensors or a clog in the condensate drain. A complete lack of igniting might mean that the gas supply is cut off.

Run Capacitor or Motor Not Working

After the burner ignites, the blower might not run if you have a problem with the run capacitor or motor. The run capacitor is typically a simple replacement, while a motor going out is a sign of a larger problem.

Air Filter Clogs

If the blower motor is continually running and the thermostat isn’t on, it’s likely there’s a clog in the air filter restricting the airflow. This restriction can lead to damage to the limit switch, a sensor for the internal furnace temperature.

Don’t hesitate to call (513) 685-4044 for emergency repairs, or schedule an appointment online for furnace repair in Fairfield. We’ll be right there.

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