Aire Serv Advantage Plan FAQ’s

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At Aire Serv of Huntsville, we have you in mind. That's why we have several special offers you can take advantage of when you need a bit of extra TLC for your unit. Our Advantage Plan makes it so that you can breathe easier with clean, fresh air all year long, and there are numerous benefits to taking advantage of this plan. Of course, it's natural that you'd have questions about our Advantage Plan, and here we'll attempt to answer them for you.

What is the Advantage Plan?

The most basic question is what is the Advantage Plan? In short, our Advantage Plan is designed to provide you with maintenance and performance tune-ups at priority pricing. Just like you have to maintain and tune-up your vehicle to keep it in proper working condition, so do you have to do so for your HVAC unit to keep in in optimum working condition.

What Do You Get with the Advantage Plan?

The Advantage Plan comes with numerous advantages (which is why it's appropriately termed such), some of which include the following:

  • Priority pricing. As an Advantage Plan subscriber, you'll get priority pricing when you need it most. Basically, this means that you'll receive the best prices we can offer at discounted rates from what non-subscribers pay.
  • Preferred customer status. As an Advantage Plan member, you'll also get a preferred customer status. This means that you'll get priority schedule, so if you have an emergency situation, we'll bump you up in line and strive to work you in first so that we can get your issue fixed sooner rather than later. Think of it as a ticket to the express checkout line.
  • Special member discounts. Advantage Plan members will get discounts with all other Dwyer Group participating plans, making it so that you can reap even more benefits at a cheaper cost.
  • Reduced equipment breakdowns. Because we'll schedule routine maintenance and regular performance tune-ups for your HVAC unit, you'll benefit from reduced equipment breakdowns since we'll be sure to catch any minor issues that could possibly lead to bigger ones later on early on before they morph into big problems.

If you're looking for buying power and the best service on your HVAC unit, consider becoming an Advantage Plan member, and don't hesitate to contact us with any other questions or concerns you may have.