Choosing a Gas or Electric Furnace

The inside of a furnace

Choosing between purchasing and installing a gas or electric furnace is not always cut-and-dry and clear. Personal preferences in gas or electric might add weight to the final decision, but below are a few specific areas to consider that will guarantee you make the best choice for your situation and heating needs.

Cost of Installation

The amount of money required to install an electric or gas furnace can vary depending on the size and brand. The real difference becomes apparent in the type of work needed to install the appliance. An electric furnace will have to be included in the electrical grid of the home but are typically affordable to install. A gas furnace requires a gas supply line. It can become expensive if you have to have lines added, or extended to meet the energy source needs. It may point to an electric furnace being the best option in this circumstance.

Durability of the Appliance

You should be able to expect at least 20 years of service from either gas or electric furnaces. Gas units tend to wear out sooner, so you might see an extra few years with your electric furnace if properly cared for and maintained over the course of the appliance lifetime.

Operating Expense

The rising cost of electricity in some communities can make the operating expenses of an electric furnace higher than natural gas. Part of the appeal of a gas furnace is the lower energy bills and reduced costs for repairs. The repairs for an electric furnace can mount over the course of years. Electrical components will require replacement over time.

Comfort and Safety

Electric furnaces are considered safer when it comes to the lack of carbon monoxide emissions and no need to have a constant pilot light. A gas furnace provides quicker, more consistent heat during periods of extreme cold, which are not completely unheard of in the Huntsville, AL area.

As you can see, there are positive features to either electric or gas furnaces. Take the time to explore what your particular needs are to help come up with the best heating solution. Call on our friendly staff at Aire Serv of Huntsville, and we will be happy to offer you reliable advice. We are proud to provide complete sales, installation, and service of your new furnace anywhere in the Huntsville, AL area!