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Are you faced with a confusing air conditioner issue that seems to have no way of solving? Don’t panic or feel bad — just get Aire Serv of Memphis on the job as soon as you can. We have seen a thing or three when it comes to AC problems and how to fix them. Let our experience become your advantage by choosing only us for all your AC repair services in Memphis, TN.

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We share some common issues that plague air conditioners and what you should know about them:

  • The AC won’t turn on at all: This could be caused by no power getting to the air conditioning unit. If your AC has faulty wiring or overheats, it could shut itself off or struggle to turn on. Additionally, if you have a tripped breaker, that will prevent power from getting to the unit. Try resetting the breaker or giving your unit a cool-down break before trying to turn it on again.
  • The AC makes strange noises when running: If the fan belt is worn out, your unit could make a strange squealing noise when running. If you are hearing a hissing sound, that could be indicative of your refrigerant leaking. Different sounds point to different issues, so make sure to really identify what kind of sound is being made.
  • The AC only supplies room temperature air: If your air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air, there could be a number of issues. A frozen evaporator coil or defective compressor could cause your unit to push around warm air in your home.
  • The fan doesn’t spin, but the unit makes a humming noise: If power is getting to your AC unit, but the fan is still not working, that could be indicative of a defective fan motor. In these cases, the fan motor prevents air from circulating through the home.
  • The compressor unit malfunctions: There are five symptoms of an AC compressor failure: the compressor won’t turn on, it blows warm air, the circuit breaker keeps tripping, the outside unit shakes when it starts, and the condensing unit makes strange sounds. If you identify any of these issues, this could be the cause.
  • Water is pooling around the outdoor AC unit: This could be indicative of a number of issues, including overheating, a malfunctioning fan, condenser coils, or refrigerant level.
  • Not sure what the problem is? No problem! Have you witnessed any of these issues or more? It sounds like you do have a broken or inefficient air conditioner on your hands! Let’s figure this out and restore your home’s comfort levels in no time. Request your service appointment with our Memphis AC repair technicians today.

Summers in Memphis can sizzle when a heatwave rolls over the area, and even when it isn’t the middle of the summer, Memphis can feel muggy and humid, making it difficult to enjoy a comfortable day. If your home’s air conditioning unit is acting up, then you won’t even be able to relax in the privacy and coziness of your own living room. Don’t let a broken AC system ruin another day for you and your family. Call us now to connect with Aire Serv of Memphis and talk to our Memphis AC repair technicians.

For professional Memphis air conditioning repair services near you don’t hesitate! Book your air conditioner repair in Memphis and its surrounding areas today!

Are Repairs Always the Best Choice for Your Memphis Air Conditioner?

Getting your home’s air conditioning system repaired by our technicians will always get you excellent service at an awesome price. But should you always repair your AC unit? Or does it sometimes make more sense to replace it?

Replacing your air conditioner could be better than a repair if:

  • Your AC unit is old: The average lifespan of a residential air conditioner is about 10 to 15 years, depending on the model and how often it gets maintenance. If your AC unit has been around for at least a decade, then it might be time to consider getting a new one.
  • Your utility bills have spiked: Have your energy bills gone through the roof in the last few months? It is probably a sign of an AC unit that’s struggling to maintain your set indoor temperature. Replacing the inefficient system could save you big on utility bills across the years.
  • You call for repairs regularly: AC systems break now and then, even with tune-ups. But they should not be breaking several times a year. If different parts keep failing on your AC, then it could be a sign that it is time to replace it.

How Much to Repair AC Unit?

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Air conditioning repair depends on several factors, including how old the AC unit is and what exactly is wrong with it. On average, a homeowner will pay $300 nationally. However, specific repairs can range from $20 to $2,900, depending on what part needs repair or replacement. Likewise, if your AC unit is irreparable or too old to repair with replacement parts no longer being produced, you will likely need to replace your unit. Talk to our Memphis air conditioning repair experts at Aire Serv of Memphis about your AC repair needs, and be sure to check out our special offers to see how you can save.

Our goal at Aire Serv of Memphis is getting you the best value for your dollar. If we think that repairs are still the most cost-effective way to solve your AC issues, then we will let you know. But the same is true if a replacement would be better for your comfort and budget in the long run. We are the trusted name in AC repairs and replacements in Memphis, after all — but you don't have to take our word for it. Read reviews from our many satisfied customers!

How Long Does It Take to Replace an AC Unit?

Depending on the complexity of the unit being replaced, as well as the accessibility of parts for repairs or replacements, Aire Serv estimates that it can take anywhere from 4-6 hours for a Memphis air conditioning repair. Aire Serv also offers Memphis HVAC repairs and replacements, which may take up to 8 hours depending on the complexity and accessibility of parts.

Replacing an air conditioner is a complex process and one that should only be done by Aire Serv Heating & Air Conditioning of Memphis. Aire Serv offers comprehensive AC repair services, including unit replacement.

Aire Serv is committed to providing quality service and top-of-the-line products that will improve your home’s comfort and efficiency. Aire Serv can provide you with an accurate estimate of the time needed to replace your air conditioning unit and other HVAC appliances. Contact Aire Serv today for Memphis air conditioning repair or Memphis HVAC repair services.

Memphis Air Conditioning Repair | FAQs

Thanks to our years of industry experience and our backing from the Aire Serv® name, we can confidently handle any air conditioner problem out there. We keep replacement parts and a full toolkit on hand, so we can complete most AC repair jobs right when we show up with no second visits required. Interested in learning more? Check out our client testimonials to learn about the experience we strive to provide for our clients.

  • Are you still open during COVID? Yes, our Memphis air conditioner technicians are still available to provide skilled AC repair services during the COVID-19 crisis. Visit our corporate page to learn more about what Aire Serv is doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Do you offer emergency AC services? We sure do! Our Memphis AC repair professionals are available around the clock to help with any of your AC issues! Visit our Contact Us page to schedule your service.
  • What areas do you serve? We proudly serve Memphis, Germantown, Bartlett, Lakeland, and the surrounding areas.

Emergency 24/7 AC Repair Near Me

If a heatwave is slamming Memphis, then it can be downright dangerous for your home to have no functioning air conditioning unit. Seniors, children, and pets in your home are likely even more susceptible to increased indoor temperatures and the health problems they cause. To do all we can to keep you and your family safe, Aire Serv of Memphis proudly offers 24/7 AC repair services in Memphis.

Yes, you can request a same-day Memphis AC repair service even if it is:

  • Late at night
  • Early in the morning
  • Sunday or Saturday
  • A national holiday

Worried that emergency AC repair will cost you more? Don’t be! We always charge by the job here to ensure our prices are fair. That means you never pay overtime charges or after-hour charges for requesting your AC repair service outside what some companies would call “normal operating hours.” We just want your home to be safe and comfortable again, even when that means we have to head out before the sunrise!

For more information about Memphis air conditioning repair near you or to request an appointment, contact Aire Serv of Memphis.

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