Dewitt Air Conditioner Maintenance

Keeping Your Home Comfortable Year-Round

Ever thought about how investing in regular maintenance for your air conditioner can make a world of difference? Trust us, it's worth it! By keeping your AC unit in tip-top shape with routine check-ups, you're paving the way for optimal performance and longevity. Not only will you enjoy a more comfortable and pleasant indoor environment, but you'll also potentially save on energy bills and avoid unexpected repair costs.

When it comes to maintaining your air conditioner, Aire Serv of Mid Michigan is the trusted partner you can rely on in Dewitt, Grand Ledge, Lansing, and the surrounding areas. Our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians is dedicated to providing top-notch service, ensuring that your AC unit runs smoothly and efficiently throughout the hot summer months.

By choosing our comprehensive maintenance services, you'll benefit from a thorough inspection, cleaning, and tune-up of your system, which can help prevent costly repairs and extend the life of your air conditioner.

Our Comprehensive Maintenance Services

Our goal is to provide you with the best air conditioner maintenance services, ensuring your unit runs efficiently and reliably. Whether you have a ductless mini-split unit or a whole-home central air system, our comprehensive maintenance program covers all aspects of your AC system.


Our skilled technicians will conduct a thorough assessment of your air conditioner, identifying any potential issues or areas that may need attention. This helps prevent minor problems from escalating into costly repairs or system failures.


Dust and debris can accumulate in your air conditioner over time, reducing its efficiency and potentially causing damage. Our team will meticulously clean all components, such as coils, filters, and fans, to ensure optimal airflow and performance.


Proper lubrication is essential for the smooth operation of your AC unit's moving parts. We'll carefully apply the appropriate lubricants to reduce friction, wear, and tear, extending the life of your system.

Refrigerant Level Check

Maintaining the correct refrigerant levels is crucial for your air conditioner's efficiency and cooling capacity. Our technicians will check and adjust the levels as needed, ensuring your unit cools your home effectively and economically.

Electrical Connections

Loose or damaged electrical connections can compromise your air conditioner's performance and safety. We'll inspect and tighten all connections, verifying that your system operates safely and securely.

Thermostat Calibration

An accurately calibrated thermostat is key to maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient home. Our team will check and adjust your thermostat settings to ensure it is functioning correctly and keeping your home at the desired temperature.

With comprehensive air conditioning maintenance services from Aire Serv of Mid Michigan, you can have peace of mind knowing that your air conditioner is in good hands. Our expert technicians are dedicated to providing exceptional care for your unit, maximizing its performance and longevity.

Why Choose Aire Serv®?

Homeowners in Dewitt, Grand Ledge, and Lansing consistently choose Aire Serv of Mid Michigan for their HVAC needs. Our reputation for providing outstanding services, coupled with our commitment to customer satisfaction, sets us apart from the competition. With a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians, we ensure that your heating and cooling systems are always operating at peak efficiency.

Our friendly and professional staff are always ready to address any concerns, offering tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. Moreover, our transparent pricing and flexible scheduling make it easy and hassle-free to maintain the comfort of your home.

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