Commercial Heat Pump Repair and Replacement in Omaha and Beyond

Low temperatures in the winters and hot summers in the Omaha area mean having an HVAC unit that handles heating and cooling is invaluable. Commercial heat pumps are a popular solution, transferring heat into or out of a building to provide cooling or heating. Due to the fact that commercial heat pumps do not generate any heat on their own, they are an eco-friendly and efficient approach, providing comfort for you, your employees, and your customers year-round. Aire Serv of Omaha provides commercial heat pump repairs, maintenance, and replacement services to keep your business temperature perfect no matter the weather. Our experts are committed to helping business owners in the Omaha, Boys Town, Papillon, Bellevue, and La Vista areas. With our upfront pricing and no overtime fees, working with Aire Serv of Omaha means working with licensed experts for quality and transparent commercial heat pump services.

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Repairing a Commercial Heat Pump

Our service professionals are equipped to get your commercial heat pump back up and running when it isn’t acting normally or doesn’t run at all. We bring years of experience with various commercial heat pump types to identify and solve issues, helping you avoid needing heat pump replacement. Our team will inspect your commercial heat pump system, including the condenser, air handler, ductwork, thermostats, and more, to find the source of the lack of heating and cooling in your business. Then, we make any needed repairs, such as replacing components, cleaning or replacing air filters, or examining electrical wiring. When your commercial heat pump is back up and running as needed, we’ll happily talk you through strategies to prevent the need for heat pump repairs, such as preventative maintenance.

Commercial Heat Pump Repair Signs

  • Parts of your heat pump system are making loud noises or producing unusual smells
  • You notice your heating or cooling energy bills increasing
  • There is no heated or cooled air circulating through your business
  • Noticeable ice or frost is on the outside of the heat pump
  • Conditioned air is not an even temperature across your building
  • There are leaks around the unit, including water and refrigerant

Maintaining Your Commercial Heat Pump

Regularly maintaining your commercial heat pump can prevent large-scale heat pump repairs and extend the life of your heat pump and other HVAC systems. A longer lifespan and fewer repairs save your business the money and stress of a heat pump replacement or repair. Aire Serv of Omaha recommends scheduling heat pump maintenance twice yearly, especially before the outdoor temperatures change.

Commercial Heat Pump Replacement and Installation

If scheduling commercial heat pump repairs becomes increasingly common, a heat pump replacement may be a more cost-effective solution to restore heating and cooling to your commercial property. The service professionals at Aire Serv of Omaha install all types of heat pumps regardless of complexity, including geothermal commercial heat pumps. Our expert touch means you can rest easy knowing your new commercial heat pump was installed correctly, including proper connection of electrical systems and ductwork. Our team will also remove and haul away your existing commercial heat pump if needed.

There are a few factors to consider when switching to a new heat pump system. Building size, spaces with unique temperature needs, company budget, and the Omaha area climate can all play a factor in which commercial heat pump you choose. The Aire Serv of Omaha team will walk you through your options and inspect your property to help you make an informed decision.

Installing a commercial heat pump should be as least disruptive as possible to your business operations. Commercial heat pumps are more complicated than residential units, but air-source heat pumps can still be installed in a single day. Since commercial heat pumps are installed on your building’s roof, they won’t interfere with customers or employees. Installation can also be smoother if your building is already equipped to handle a heat pump. If a heat pump installation requires ductwork installation, the overall time can increase. Additionally, geothermal heat pumps take longer to install; they require digging into the land around your building to install the piping system.

Heat Pump Replacement Benefits

Heat pumps can have many benefits over traditional central air conditioners or furnaces. Some of the major benefits include:

  • Better unit energy efficiency
  • Smaller impact on the environment
  • Less expensive heating and cooling bills
  • Reduced need for repairs and maintenance
  • Longer overall system life space

When you want to transform your commercial property’s heating and cooling or keep your commercial heat pump in working condition, call us or schedule online for repairs, maintenance, installations, and replacements.

The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Heat Pumps

  • Size: Commercial heat pumps are larger than residential, as they have more space to condition.
  • Energy: Since they usually have more space to cover, commercial heat pumps use more energy than residential systems.
  • Thermostats: Many commercial properties have heat pumps that communicate with multiple thermostats to ensure complete coverage and allow for variable temperature control.
  • Unit: Residential heat pumps are comprised of an indoor and outdoor unit, while a commercial heat pump is a single-package unit. These packaged units are also modular, allowing greater flexibility for adjustments or additions.
  • Installation: While residential heat pumps are installed in a home’s yard, commercial units are typically found on rooftops. Installing systems on the roof allows for saving space and easier access for maintenance and repairs.

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Aire Serv of Omaha is proud to provide quality commercial heat pump services. In addition, we keep your commercial property comfortable and safe with services such as air conditioner and heater repair, indoor air quality mitigation, and much more. We also keep your home in top shape, providing the same services we do for commercial properties, including residential heat pump repairs and replacements. When you have a repair that cannot wait, you can call us anytime for emergency HVAC service. Turn to Aire Serv of Omaha for your HVAC needs, we can’t wait to hear from you! We can be reached online or by phone call.
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