Expert Air Conditioning Repair & Cooling Services Near You

Expert Air Conditioning Repair & Cooling Services Near You

Air conditioners play an important role in maintaining the comfort of your home—so important, in fact, that many people wouldn’t move into a home that didn’t have one. This is especially true in areas where the temperature reaches 90 degrees or higher.

Is the heat in your home out of control? Call us or request an appointment online for air conditioning repair in Exton today!

How We Can Help?

Our team at Aire Serv of West Chester provides skilled HVAC repair services to our neighbors throughout Exton. No matter the issue, we can help. Our team can handle the following and more:

  • Emergency HVAC services
  • AC repair
  • AC maintenance
  • AC replacement
  • Ductless split AC systems

In the heat of an Exton summer, a broken or malfunctioning AC means suffering at home. Fortunately, our technicians at Aire Serv are available 24/7 to help you avoid any discomfort caused by a broken AC unit.
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We ensure your AC unit works as it should, so you can come home to a cool and comfortable home after a long day. Whether you use a window unit, a central air unit, or even a geothermal cooling unit, our technicians are trained to perform expert repair, maintenance, and installation.

We also provide emergency service 24/7, so if your AC unit stops working after hours, don’t hesitate to call! We don’t charge overtime, so if you need us at night or on a weekend, you will receive the same price as if you called during the day. Our prices are also upfront—you will know the price of the job before we get to work, and you won’t get hit with any last-minute fees. Lastly, we offer special offers! Check out the coupons and promotions we have available to save on your next AC repair or replacement.

Is your AC broken or malfunctioning? Call or contact us online today!

The Importance of ACs

Cooling your home is an air conditioner’s primary function, but AC units also have a side-job: humidity control. During the cooling process, an air conditioner condenses air pulled from your home, removing the moisture as a side-effect of cooling the room. While not as effective as a dehumidifier, air conditioners still reduce the humidity in your home while keeping it cool at the same time.

From late May to late September, Exton weather is humid and muggy, especially in mid-July. This means that maintaining a properly working air conditioning unit is almost necessary to remain comfortable at home.

Air Conditioner Repair vs. Replacement

Choosing to repair your AC rather than replace it is crucial to saving money in the long run—after all, you don’t want to pay for repairs only to need a replacement one month later. The best way to determine which service your AC needs is to call and schedule an appointment. Our technician will diagnose your AC problems so you can make an informed decision as to whether an air conditioner repair or replacement would be best.

How to Determine Whether to Repair or Replace:

  • Your AC keeps breaking down. – If you’ve already repaired your unit, maybe even multiple times, but it keeps breaking down, it’s time for a replacement.
  • You’ve noticed a spike in your energy bills. – When an AC isn’t properly cooling, it will have to work overtime to make up for lost efficiency; this could be due to a faulty or broken part, in which case a repair should suffice. In some cases, however, a replacement will be necessary.
  • Your AC is old. – If your AC is 10 years or older, it may be time to replace the unit.
  • Your AC doesn’t turn on. – If your AC won't turn on, there could be many causes, almost all of which can be fixed by a repair.

To read more about our air conditioner replacement services, click here. Alternatively, give us a call for an expert opinion.

Air Conditioning Installation in Exton

Whether you decide on repair or replacement, we’ll need to install your new unit or components. For our experts, the installation process is straightforward—we’ll make sure everything is hooked up, the ducts are intact, and the thermostat is connected.

If you need AC Repair in Exton, Aire Serv of West Chester technicians can help! Call or click here to schedule an appointment.