Your Local Heating Repair & Replacement Experts

It’s no secret that the East Coast undergoes some cold and brutal winters. For many Exton residents, having a working heater is not a matter of comfort, but survival.

At Aire Serv of West Chester, we understand this fact and we are experts at heating repair and replacement. We are also available 24/7 for emergency HVAC repairs, so you will never have to go more than a few hours without the heat you so desperately need.

Even if your heater isn’t working at 100%, we want to guarantee you are warm and comfortable through all of Exton’s cold fronts. Not only do we repair heaters, but we also replace them.

Sometimes, an update is exactly what you need to stay snug – and save money on your heating bill!

Repair or Replacement?

Unfortunately, we can’t quite determine whether a repair or replacement is best until we have had a chance to check out your heater or furnace.

If your heater’s performance is subpar, though, you should absolutely give us a call.

Signs your heater might be ready for repair or replacement include:

  • Higher than normal heating bills
  • A heater that never seems to stop running
  • Strange noises coming from the heater
  • Ineffective heating
  • Frequent repairs
  • A furnace that is over 15 years old or a heater that is over 10 years old
  • Yellow flames on your gas burner (they should be blue!)

Once we arrive at your home or business, our Exton technicians will be able to investigate your heater or furnace and make an estimate. Whatever we decide, we will charge you for our service, not for the hours we spend completing it.

If our heater or furnace repair service ends up costing half as much as our replacement services, we will notify you, help you pick out a new heating system and get it installed in no time!

Heaters and furnaces, like other products, never last forever, so replacing your old heating system might be the key to a cozy winter. While the cost is certainly something to consider, we keep our prices affordable and we know how much you will save on your heating bill with a brand-new heating system!

Unlike other HVAC’s professionals, Aire Serv of West Chester also offers a “no lemon guarantee.” If your heating system fails, we will install a new one at no cost to you.

It’s Time for a New Heating System: What Do I Choose?

Typically, homeowners choose to heat their homes using furnaces. At Aire Serv of West Chester, we offer 3 main types you can choose from:

  1. Gas furnaces are the most common and are typically cheap to operate and maintain.
  2. For homes where natural gas is not available, we recommend electric furnaces.
  3. If you love the feeling of a gas furnace, but can’t have one in your home, an oil furnace might be the best choice for you!

Sometimes, a furnace won’t be a perfect fit for your existing HVAC system. When this is the case, you may want to install a heat pump, which works like a reverse air conditioner.

Another option is a boiler, which functions quietly and works well in homes that do not have ductwork and do have radiant floor systems.

Regular Maintenance is Key

Whether you decide to purchase a brand-new heating system before or during the colder months, or you want to get prepared in advance of next year’s chilly winter, furnace and heater maintenance can help keep old and new devices in proper shape.

We recommend scheduling regular maintenance once a year to prevent costly repairs and help make the most of your heating systems before it’s time for a replacement.

Local Experts with a National Reputation

Exton residents love our friendly, professional technicians and choose our services again and again. Additionally, each of our experts is certified, experienced, and backed by the Neighborly™ brand.

At Aire Serv of West Chester, our heating repair and replacement services are trusted in Exton and around North America.

Call today to schedule an appointment.