Weaverville Heater Repair

Common Furnace/Heater Problems

Your heater may seemingly stop working overnight or when you need it most, but our heating systems often give us warning signs that something is wrong. Understanding those signs and what you should be on the lookout for can help to give you an idea of what is wrong and when you need to call a heater repair company.

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Our heating system repair services in Weaverville include:

  • Fixing pilot lights
  • Stopping strange noises
  • Fixing failing motors
  • Returning power to furnaces
  • Fixing ignitions
  • Fixing main burner problems

When area homeowners and businesses need heater repair they can rely on, they often call the professional technicians at Aire Serv of Western North Carolina. Our local heater repair company near Weaverville is fully licensed and insured, and we continue the proud tradition of a global brand that's served millions of satisfied customers for several years. Our HVAC team is available 24/7 for emergency heater repair services!

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How Long Does a Heater Typically Last?

Heaters are typically an incredibly dependable appliance, but like all electronic devices, they do have a finite lifespan. The heater lifespan will vary depending on the model of heater and how it's been used over its life. However, on average most homeowners can expect their heater to lastaround 10-15 yearswith proper maintenance. To ensure your heater is in the best condition possible throughout its life, regular tune-ups are recommended to help spot any potential costly issues and keep things running smoothly.

Common Causes of a Malfunctioning Heater

It is never a pleasant surprise when your heater is no longer functioning. Heater malfunctions can be caused by several issues including worn-out parts, debris obstructing the path of heat, aged wiring, and malfunctioning thermostats. By understanding some of the more common heater repair issues and how to properly diagnose heater malfunctions, you can save yourself time and money on heater repairs in the future. Furthermore, having regular heater maintenance by a professional technician can help prevent the heater from prematurely experiencing breakdowns or other problems. Don’t put off any signs that your heater may need attention–taking action sooner rather than later will save you time and resources in the long run.

How do I know if my heater needs to be replaced?

The first question that homeowners often ask is whether they should repair or replace their heater. It can be a challenging decision to make, and the answer isn't always straightforward. A few signs that your unit may need to be replaced include increasing heating bills, unit age, and frequent breakdowns. In some cases, minor repairs can keep your heater running for a bit longer. However, if you've had to repair your heater often or if it's over a decade old, you may want to replace it. It's always best to consult a professional if you're unsure.

What causes a heater to stop working?

Heaters can stop working for many reasons, including a malfunctioning thermostat, a blown fuse, a dirty air filter, or a faulty pilot light. Additionally, clogged air ducts can cause heating issues by restricting airflow and reducing overall efficiency. If your heater stops working, it's critical to first check the air filter and pilot light, which sometimes need cleaning or replacing. If doing so doesn't solve the problem, call a professional for further diagnosis and repair.

Why is my heater running but no heat?

If your heater is running but not producing warm air, the thermostat is often the culprit. A malfunctioning thermostat can create a situation where the heater only runs intermittently or produces no heat. When a thermostat is faulty, it may need to be adjusted or re-calibrated. The same can be the case with a circuit breaker that has been tripped or a clogged air filter. In the worst case, your heater may require complete repair or replacement, depending on the severity of the issue.

Reliable Heater Repair Experts Near You in Weaverville

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Aire Serv of Western North Carolina is a leading choice for heater repair and maintenance throughout Weaverville, Asheville, and the surrounding areas. Our Weaverville HVAC professionals take a lot pride in earning loyal, satisfied customers, and we look forward to the chance to make you the next one. Contact us today. We're available Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm, and Saturday – Sunday, by appointment to handle your heater and furnace repair needs in Weaverville and beyond.

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