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You shouldn’t have to suffer through a single night of a Maryland winter without a working furnace. Aire Serv of Bel Air is your trusted local source for reliable furnace repair in Bel Air.

Our fully licensed and insured technicians are trained to work on all major brands and models of furnaces and heating systems. No matter the issue, our top-rated furnace techs can diagnose the problem and provide a fast, effective solution.

Plus, with our upfront, flat-rate pricing, you’ll know exactly how much the job is going to cost before we start any work.

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Common Signs You Need Furnace Repair

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Your heating system involves several complex components. Like any other machinery, when one part starts to fail, it can cause a chain reaction leading to further damage or even total system failure.

When you know the signs of potential trouble, though, you can give Aire Serv of Bel Air a call and we’ll address the issue before it leads to bigger problems.

Get in touch with our Bel Air furnace repair experts if you notice:

  • Your furnace won’t turn on
  • The pilot light is out
  • The main burner won’t ignite
  • The main burner won’t stay lit for longer than three seconds
  • Squeaking or squealing noises during startup or operation
  • The blower does not turn on after the burners are lit
  • The blower fan remains on long after it should have stopped

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Help Prevent Issues with Preventative Furnace Maintenance

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You can also protect yourself from unexpected heating system repairs by signing up for our Advantage Plan.

With this plan, you get regularly scheduled furnace maintenance, where our experienced technicians can watch for potential signs of wear and tear and fix little things to avoid more costly repairs in the future.

Advantage Plan members also get priority scheduling, service discounts, and more!

Call us or reach out online for any questions about our Advantage Plan. Trust us to keep your furnace in tip-top shape.

Why Won’t My Furnace Kick On?

There are a number of common issues that cause a furnace to malfunction. While we don’t recommend trying to fix these things yourself, it can be helpful to have an idea of what’s going on before you call in a heating professional.

Aire Serv of Bel Air most frequently handles furnace repair related to these issues:

  • There’s no power running to the furnace. This may be caused by loose wiring, a tripped breaker, or a switch in the “off” position. It could also be more complicated, such as problems with the control board, thermostat, transformer, blower motor, or run capacitor. We can determine the cause with a diagnostic test.
  • The motor is failing. A failing motor will often squeak and squeal. This one needs to be taken care of right away to prevent a total system breakdown.
  • The blower fan doesn’t turn on once the burners are lit. Usually, this requires replacement of the run capacitor. However, sometimes it’s an issue with the motor, which may involve further investigation and diagnosis from our heating professionals.
  • The burner won’t ignite. If you have a furnace with a spark ignition, you may hear the rapid clicking sounds of the burner trying to ignite. Common causes include a faulty control board, a blocked flue, or an improper control limit, and can be fixed by repairing or replacing the parts.
  • The burner won’t stay lit or won’t light at all. It the burner catches but stay lit, it’s likely a dirty flame sensor or a clogged condensate drain and simply needs a good cleaning and some adjustments. If it won’t light at all, the gas supply may be cut off and our technicians should be able to safely restore it.
  • The air filter is clogged. You’ll usually notice this issue when the blower motor won’t stop running. A clogged air filter can restrict airflow, which can in turn damage the limit switch that senses the internal furnace temperature. We can change the air filter, fix or replace any damaged components, and show you how and how often to switch out the filter to avoid future problems.

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Our Bel Air furnace repair technicians have your comfort and safety in mind. We’re committed to delivering fast, effective, and affordable Bel Air furnace repair services whenever you need them.

Whether you notice signs of a potential problem and schedule a convenient appointment or your furnace breaks down just before bedtime and you call for emergency furnace repair, you’ll enjoy the same dedicated service and honest pricing you’ve come to expect from the Aire Serv name.

We look forward to serving you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I schedule a furnace tune-up?

You should schedule your furnace tune-up once a year.

We also recommend scheduling your furnace tune-up sometime in early fall. That will give us time to perform the necessary repairs. Scheduling a fall furnace service could also help prevent emergency breakdowns during the coldest parts of winter.

Essentially - you don't want to wait until winter to have your furnace checked.

Do you offer emergency furnace repairs?

Yes, we are available around the clock for emergency furnace service. We also do not charge any overtime fees for emergency services.

If you need an emergency service, call us or schedule online today.

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