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How Does Poor Indoor Air Quality Affect Your Health?

It can often be easy to not give much thought to the air quality of your home, but the air that you breathe can determine your overall health and comfort level in the building. Many different factors contribute to the air quality, which can include toxins that are present in the home and old HVAC systems that are installed. If you're concerned about your health, there are a few ways that poor air quality can have a negative impact.

Shorter Life Expectancy

Many people don't realize that the air quality in the home can shorten lifespans and can impact mortality rates. In many cases, the air quality inside of the house is significantly more polluted and dirty than the air outdoors. It can often be three to five times worse and can result in asthma in children, fatigue, dizziness, throat and nose irritation, and eye irritation.

Respiratory Issues

Poor indoor air quality can lead to many short- and long-term health effects with the respiratory system for both children and adults. Many people may begin to suffer from a lack of lung function and weaker immune systems. The respiratory tract can also become irritated over time, which can lead to mucus secretion, infections, and persistent coughing. Those who already suffer from lung or cardiovascular diseases can experience more severe symptoms when exposed to poor indoor air quality each day. Additional respiratory issues that can develop include Dyspnea, Epistaxis, Rhinitis or nasal congestion, wheezing, and severe lung disease.

Severe Health Effects

In some cases, severe health effects can develop if the air quality does not improve and the individual continues to be exposed to the environment. Eye irritation can develop due to exposure to chemicals and particles that are present in the air. Hearing loss can also form over time. Tachycardia is an additional side effect that can also develop, which causes symptoms like a rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath.

In some cases, it can be easy to feel nauseous on a consistent basis and also have a lack of appetite. Some people can begin to develop an eating disorder due to the symptoms.

If you suspect that your home has poor indoor air quality and you want to protect the health of the residents who are living in the house, consider contacting us to ensure that we can inspect or repair your HVAC system promptly.