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When it comes to furnace repair services, you don't want to risk a cold house and technical repairs on a non-reputable company. If you own a furnace, knowing when to repair and maintain it is essential. When your furnace decides to quit, don't settle to wearing a bulky coat and gloves inside a house that feels like an icebox.

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  • For our furnace repair services, we never charge an overtime fee.
  • We pledge to make things right if your service was not performed correctly. Within 60 days after the service, get in touch with Aire Serv of Nashville, and we'll make it right. Details can be found in full here.
  • To assist you in keeping your furnace operating efficiently throughout the season, our furnace repair professionals provide a number of maintenance programs.

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Try Our Troubleshooting Tips for Furnace Repair

Do any of these problems and their associated symptoms fit the issue with your furnace?

  • Failing motor - A breaker may have tripped, the wiring may be loose, or the furnace switch may be switched off if the fan does not respond to raising the thermostat's temperature. The transformer, thermostat, control board, run capacitor, and blower motor are among the more difficult issues. A diagnostic test can be run by a technician to identify the precise issue and suggest a fix.
  • Motor failure - A motor that is about to fail may make squeaks and squeals audible. A professional must be called right away to prevent the furnace from breaking down.
  • No ignition - In furnaces with spark ignitions, a burner that is trying to light will make a rapid clicking sound. If it won't burn, there could be a clogged flue, a broken control board, or an ineffective limit control. This component's replacement or repair should solve the issue.
  • Main burner issues - Most frequently, filthy flame sensors or clogged condensate drains in condensing furnaces are to blame for burners that won't stay lit. The gas supply might be turned off if the burners refuse to light at all. Our staff should simply need to clean certain important parts and make a few modifications to fix this.
  • Problems with the motor or run capacitor - These issues prevent the blower from turning on once the burners ignite. The capacitor can be quickly replaced, but motor problems could need a little more investigation.
  • Clogged Air Filter - Blower motor running constantly is typically caused by a blocked air filter, assuming the thermostat isn't set to "on," which keeps the blower motor running constantly. It's possible that the limited airflow destroyed the limit switch, which measures the furnace's interior temperature. An Aire Serv expert will identify the issue in addition to replacing the switch. Your expert will demonstrate how to change your air filter if a clogged filter is the issue.

Frequently asked Furnace Repair Questions

Is it Worth Fixing a Furnace?

This depends on the age of your furnace and the type of damage. If your furnace is relatively new and only needs minor repairs, then it may be worth fixing. However, if your furnace is more than 15 years old and requires major repairs, then replacing your furnace may be a better option in terms of cost savings in the long run.

What is the Average Lifespan of a Furnace?

The average lifespan for a gas-powered furnace is between 16 and 20 years depending on how well maintained it has been over its lifetime. Electric furnaces typically last between 12 and 15 years on average.

Should I Repair a 20 Year Old Furnace?

If your 20 year old furnace still works but needs minor repairs like cleaning or lubrication, then repairing is probably worth considering. However, if there are major problems with your unit such as cracked heat exchangers or faulty blower motor, then replacing it would likely save you money in the long run due to increased energy efficiency and reduced repair costs.

What are Signs That Your Furnace Is Going Out?

There are several signs that indicate your furnace may need to be replaced including loud noises coming from the unit, higher energy bills than normal, uneven heating throughout your home or strange odors coming from vents when the unit is running. It’s also important to note that if you haven't had regular maintenance done on your system over its lifetime then this could lead to premature failure as well.

How Do I Know When My Furnace Filter Needs To Be Changed?

Checking for dirty or clogged filters should be part of regular maintenance for any furnace system. Generally speaking, filters should be changed every 3 months but this can vary based on usage so check with your manufacturer's instructions to determine what's best for your particular system.

Does Changing Air Filter Improve Performance In Furnace?

Yes! A clean filter helps keep dust and debris out of the system which will help improve overall performance by reducing strain on components like fan motors and heat exchangers while also improving airflow throughout your home as well as providing cleaner air quality indoors as well. This will result in lower energy bills thanks to increased efficiency as well as reduced maintenance costs over time since components will not have to work so hard against dirt buildup in order to keep up with demand for heating/cooling needs in your home.

Remember that regular maintenance can help prolong the life expectancy of any heating/cooling system so make sure you stay up-to-date with routine inspections and filter changes whenever necessary for optimal performance year round! If you're ever unsure about whether or not your furnace needs attention just reach out to Aire Serv of Nashville who can assess any issues quickly and accurately so you can get back up and running again without having to worry about potential damage down the line!

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