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Is Your Boiler Making Weird Sounds?

If your gas boiler is giving you trouble, trust in the professionals to fix it. Too often, home and business owners try to tackle issues themselves, whether by trial and error or watching a tutorial online. However, while this may provide limited relief, unless you are a professional, you may lead to costlier repairs in the future. Additionally, gas boilers can be dangerous units that must be handled with care. For all our heating repairs in Fairfield and Trumbull areas, trust our professionals at Aire Serv of Southwest Connecticut.

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Signs Your Gas Boiler Needs Repair

Because your gas boiler is not usually in the main part of a home or building, it can be easily overlooked. However, you can check for certain signs to see if it is working the way it should.

Signs your boiler needs repairs:

  • Emitting strange smells – Is your boiler releasing foul or unfamiliar smells? If you smell sulfur or something akin to rotten eggs, it can indicate a gas leak. Such issues are extremely dangerous and should be addressed immediately.
  • Delay in heat – In a normally functioning gas boiler, you should be able to feel warmth shortly after turning the unit on. If you do not, it can signify issues with the circulation.
  • Water leaks – Check your boiler to see if there is water pooling around it. Such water leaks not only effect the boiler’s functionality but it can also increase your utility bill and pose a safety hazard.
  • Strange noises – While leaks and smells may be more difficult to notice, strange noises are not. Sounds such as clanking, thumping, whirring, and more, can allude to a broken heater pumped, blocked system, or other serious issues.

Do not let your gas boiler fall into disrepair. At Aire Serv of Southwest Connecticut, our skilled heating repair technicians in Fairfield have years of experience handling the trickiest of issues. We work quickly and efficiently to save you time, money, and provide lasting warmth.

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