Heater Installation Fairfield, CT

Winters can be harsh here in Fairfield, but that's fine—as long as you have a cozy, comfortable home where you can watch the snow drift down outside while you stay warm indoors. There's no doubt that a functioning heating system is necessary to make it through the winter months, so it can be very concerning if you have reason to suspect that your current heating system is on its last legs and can't operate efficiently anymore. When that happens, it's time to invest in a new heater installation. Fairfield homeowners and business owners alike can count on their local, qualified Fairfield HVAC professionals.

The experienced team of HVAC experts at Aire Serv of Southwest Connecticut is the right choice to ensure that your Fairfield heater installation goes off without a hitch. Whether you simply want to replace a deteriorated or damaged heater with a new system of the same type or you're thinking of switching to a different variety of heating system, we can offer the benefit of our professional experience and get your heater installation taken care of reliably and effectively, with long-lasting, safe results.

About Our Professional Fairfield Heater Installation Services

If you know your current heating system is past its prime and showing signs that it may not last much longer, it's really uncomfortable to just sit around wondering when it's going to finally grind to a halt and leave your household without any heat at all. Instead of doing that, give yourself back your peace of mind by calling the professionals at Aire Serv for experienced heater installation in Fairfield, CT.

Along with improved indoor comfort levels and the assurance that your new heating system will keep working all winter long, you may get the added bonus of a reduction in costs on your energy bills as your new heater will likely operate with much greater energy efficiency than the one it's replacing.

Furnace Installation

Furnaces are the most common type of heater installation in Fairfield. There are a few different options available, such as electric or gas-powered, and in most situations, it makes sense to go with the same type as you had installed previously. We'll take care of your furnace installation from start to finish, including removing the old unit and making sure your central ductwork is in good shape.

Boiler Installation

Boilers are another type of Fairfield heater installation that offer some big benefits to homeowners, such as their nearly silent operation. If you don't like the noise of a forced-air heating system, a boiler is the perfect solution to give you back your peace and quiet. Boilers also provide a more even heat distribution because they rely on radiant heat, and they are more energy efficient than forced-air systems.

Heat Pump Installation

If you're looking for heating and cooling power in one single HVAC unit, a heat pump is well worth considering for heater installation. Fairfield households can benefit from a heat pump by getting the warmth necessary to make it through the cold months, and when warmer weather arrives, it can be switched into cooling mode to provide air conditioning. A heat pump maintains your indoor comfort all year, no matter the temperatures outside.

Get the Best Quality Workmanship and Customer Service from Aire Serv

Don't push an aged, struggling heating system past its limits when you can simply pick up the phone and call the experts at Aire Serv of Southwest Connecticut for a new heater installation. Fairfield homeowners and business owners can count on our team of experts to deliver the very best quality workmanship combined with customer service that always goes above and beyond.

Along with heater installation, Fairfield residents can trust us to provide a wide range of other HVAC services, including tankless water heater installation, hot water heater maintenance, heating repair, furnace replacement, boiler repair, air conditioner maintenance, air conditioning repair, AC installation and much more. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the services we offer or to schedule an appointment for heater installation in Fairfield, CT.

FAQ: Heater Installation, Fairfield and Area

What Does AFUE Mean for Fairfield Heater Installation?

AFUE is an acronym for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, and it represents a rating of the actual heating capacity of your heating system, measured by the ratio of your unit's total annual fossil fuel consumption versus its annual output of thermal energy. To put it another way, it's how much heat energy your heater produces each year compared to how much fuel it consumes to operate. You may also come across the acronym HSPF, which stands for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. HSPF is a heating efficiency rating for heat pumps. When heat pumps are in cooling mode, their efficiency is measured by SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.

How Long Does a Furnace Typically Last in Connecticut?

The average amount of time you can expect a furnace to last in Connecticut before it needs to be replaced is about 15 to 20 years. However, it's worth noting that the serviceable years of any heating system can be shortened by factors such as how much it is used and how much maintenance it gets throughout the years, particularly when it comes to moving parts such as the blower motor. Your cooling and heating system can also suffer from external damage and other unexpected issues that will cut down on its life expectancy and necessitate a new heater installation in Fairfield, CT.

Looking for Qualified Heater Installation? Fairfield, Aire Serv is Here to Deliver Excellent Workmanship!

When your home or business property needs heater installation in Fairfield or a nearby area such as Stratford, Trumbull, or Weston, count on the top-rated local pros at Aire Serv of Southwest Connecticut to get the job done right. Our highly-skilled team has seen it all when it comes to HVAC repairs and installations, so we know just what to do to ensure your heating and cooling system is functioning correctly all year round.

Request a service appointment today to get started on your energy-saving journey and experience the Aire Serv difference for yourself! Our reliable team strives to create enhanced comfort for every home and guarantees customer satisfaction all the way.

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