Heater Repair in Terre Haute

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

Short and frigid winters are typical in Terre Haute. If you’re accustomed to this type of weather, you know how to prepare to stay comfortable until things warm up. However, if you’ve been having heater problems that haven’t been addressed, you’re already behind the eight-ball.

Homeowner adjusting heater setting on thermostat.

ASV technician repairing heating system.

Some reasons your heater isn't working may include:

  • Yellow Pilot Light - The pilot light on your furnace should always be blue, never yellow. When it turns a different color, this is a sign of a possible carbon monoxide leak or another life-threatening event that requires a professional’s evaluation.
  • Dirty Filters - When filters are dirty or clogged, they can cause your heat exchanger to malfunction, overheat, and completely shut down. If you notice issues with your heater, your filters may need a little TLC. Dirty filters can also lead to the next item on the list: weak airflow.
  • Weak Airflow - Weak or inadequate airflow could result from thermostat complications, blockages in air ducts, or improper circulation. As mentioned, a dirty, grimy, or even soot-covered air filter could also be to blame. Unfortunately, restricted airflow can lead to overheating issues, which in turn result in heaters that won’t heat. When a heater is blowing cold air, it’s likely that weak airflow is to blame.

At Aire Serv of Terre Haute, we offer competitively priced heater repair services. Our licensed, qualified, and top-rated HVAC service professionals have worked with gas and electric heaters, fixing some of the simplest and most complicated issues. We thoroughly assess your heater, consider all repair options, and communicate our findings with you so you can make an informed decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do heaters last? - Most heaters have a life expectancy of up to 20 years with regular maintenance. An old heater that hasn’t been serviced in years can become inefficient and cost you more to operate. Ensure that you have your HVAC replaced after about 15 years to be safe.
  • Are heater tune-ups necessary? - Yes, heater tune-ups are necessary if you want to help prevent serious heater issues. We recommend scheduling your heater tune-up once a year, typically in early fall.

Highly Rated Heater Repair Services Near You

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Heater repair is sometimes inevitable, but you can put off issues by having your heater serviced by one of our licensed technicians at least once a year. You can depend on our experts to provide superior-quality repair and maintenance solutions when you need them most.

Some of our service area includes:

  • Terre Haute
  • Center Point
  • Brazil, IN
  • Rosedale
  • Clinton
  • Paris, IN
  • Marschall
  • St. Mary of the Woods

Rest assured that when you trust us, you’ll have an efficiently operating heater that keeps your home comfortable during those chilly Terre Haute winters. Whether you’re dealing with a heater blowing cold air, a broken thermostat, or a yellow pilot light, our local pros have the experience to locate the problem and resolve it in no time.

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