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As you likely know, the temperature during summers in South Louisiana can be brutal. Air conditioning is an absolute necessity in Baton Rouge when temperatures hit the mid-90s in July. However, like every appliance, an AC unit is bound to give you trouble on occasion. Aire Serv of Baton Rouge employs many technicians trained to diagnose and repair AC problems quickly. Give us a call if you suspect your air conditioner has an issue, and we’ll come out as soon as possible to inspect and make repairs, if needed!

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Types of Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

An air conditioner may stop working properly for any number of reasons. Our Baton Rouge AC repair technicians can diagnose the problem and help you get your system up and running in no time.

Why Is My AC Running But Not Cooling?

One common sign that you need Baton Rouge AC repair is your unit not producing enough cold air. If your unit is running but not cooling the air, this could indicate several possible problems:

  • Clogged air filter
  • Fan or fan motor problem
  • Temperature control problem
  • Electronic control board issue
  • Broken or malfunctioning capacitor
  • Thermistor issues

If you’ve replaced your air filter recently, it may be time to call in a Baton Rouge AC repair expert. Call Aire Serv of Baton Rouge 24/7 for your emergency Baton Rouge air conditioning repair today!

The Air Conditioner Won't Start

If the air conditioning unit doesn’t work at all, this could be due to faulty electrical wires or a dead thermostat, among other problems. If your unit looks normal otherwise, it’s time to call to speak to one of our technicians.

The AC Coils are Frozen

If the coils are frozen, you’ll want to check the filters, air ducts, and refrigerant; however, because there may be many factors freezing the coils, it is best to have a professional take a look.

The AC Unit Is Leaking Water

If you notice leaks, your AC unit won’t work as efficiently as it should. You might also see an increase in your electric bill if left untreated. One leak often indicates that there’s another leak elsewhere, so fixing it by yourself might prove to be problematic.

The above examples are air conditioner problems that can be fixed most of the time. However, many problems require more extensive repairs and, in some cases, a new unit.

Extensive Air Conditioner Repairs

Examples of these scenarios include:

  • The fan broke and needs to be replaced —you will know the fan is the problem if the AC doesn’t cool or pushes hot air into your home.
  • If the AC unit is more than 10 years old, you likely need to replace multiple parts, such as the fan and the coils. Air conditioning units wear down over time, so if your unit continues to have problems despite repairs, you may need new parts or a new unit.
  • Either strange sounds such as rattling or foul smells can be signs of a dying AC. Our technicians can find out why your AC is reacting this way and make necessary repairs.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, schedule a service with us today. We’ll diagnose the problem and get your air conditioner running as soon as possible.

AC Units and Humidity

One of the major benefits to a working AC unit is that it dehumidifies the home—which is a major benefit considering the average humidity in Baton Rouge year-round is 74%. Lower humidity in your home prevents moist or musty rooms. To dehumidify, your unit pulls warm air, condenses it, and then pushes the cooler air into your home. One broken component in your AC can disrupt this cycle, resulting in the unit not cooling or dehumidifying properly.

Other Helpful Information

At Aire Serv of Baton Rouge, we pride ourselves on delivering honest information and lasting services. As a local HVAC company, we do what we can to ensure our community of homeowners feels empowered when it comes to their air conditioning.

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