Attic Exhaust Fan Installation in Birmingham, AL

When hot air rises, it can make the top of your house extremely hot and humid! In the heat of summer, loft spaces can reach almost 160 degrees Fahrenheit, making it miserable for anyone living on a higher floor. An overheated loft can increase the overall temperature of your home and energy bills as you work to keep the house cool.

Problems with ventilation don’t end in the winter- condensation and exterior ice dams can cause moisture to grow within attics, leading to mold and mildew galore. Installing an attic fan can save you money, time, and peace of mind throughout all seasons of the year. For attic fan installation or replacement, Aire Serv of Birmingham is here to help!

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Four large outdoor HVAC units on individual concrete pads.

What is an Attic Vent Fan or HVAC Exhaust Fan?

Attic fans are a type of HVAC exhaust fan that is installed on the top of a house to help with ventilation. Their purpose is to draw all hot air out, removing humidity and stagnant heat. These fans can be mounted on a wall or a roof and can be manually controlled or turned on by a thermostat. Units that are controlled by thermostats can turn on automatically when the attic has reached a set temperature.

How do HVAC Exhaust Fans Work?

Attic fans or HVAC exhaust fans direct hot air out through the main vent and use standard vents to bring fresh air back in. This allows fresh air to keep flowing throughout the space, significantly lowering humidity levels. When it comes to selecting an HVAC exhaust fan, there are multiple options to choose from. Some rely on ductwork, whereas others use their own air ducts. Whatever their way of generating airflow, they must always be properly vented, sealed, and insulated from the rest of the home. If it fails to be well insulated, the fan will begin to extract cool, air-conditioned air from the rest of the home, leading to problems in energy bill levels.

How to Install Attic Exhaust Fans

An Aire Serv professional can install your HVAC exhaust fan after auditing the number of vents that currently exist in the space. Since the area will need to be well ventilated, we advise that homeowners install one sq. ft. of ventilation for every 300 sq. ft. of space. The purpose of doing this is to guarantee that the attic is completely cut off and sealed from the rest of the house.

After the house has been checked out to be well ventilated, our Aire Serv service professionals will help you decide which option is in your best interest. We'll weigh the pros and cons of each variety and then get to work once you've made your decision. After installing a shutter or cover over the opening of your fan, we'll begin to install the unit itself, finishing up with wiring.

Why Aire Serv?

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Not only do we offer excellent prices, but we’ll never charge for overtime fees, working by the hour, not the service. Our service professionals are here for all your heating, cooling, and other household needs, making sure that your house is always in good shape.

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