Water Heater Installation in Birmingham, AL

Water heaters are a critical component of your home. They provide you with warm showers, baths, and handwashes, allowing you to always have control of the temperature. When it comes to installing a new water heater for your home, you want only the best! Aire Serv of Birmingham is here to install your heaters with precision and care so that you never have to wake up to freezing cold showers. Call us today and set up an appointment; we'll be there as soon as we can.

Four large outdoor HVAC units on individual concrete pads.

Water Heater Options at Aire Serv of Birmingham

Curious about which option may be the best for your home? Our service professionals can inspect and consult you on what could be the best option for you. Some of our most popular types include:

  • Conventional Storage Tank: This is one of the most commonly installed options. It employs a tank to store a large volume of hot water, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Tankless: This type heats endless amounts of hot water on-demand using super-heated coils, with no need for a tank. It’s also very practical, taking the form of a surprisingly small box mounted to the wall in your home’s utility room or closet.
  • Heat Pump or Hybrid: These use a heat exchanger to pull warmth from the air to heat the interior of your home. A heat pump or hybrid heater is very similar to that of a conventional storage tank.
  • Solar Powered: If you have solar panels, this can be a great unit to have, drawing energy from the sun to create warmth. Like conventional heaters, solar-powered heaters require a well-insulated tank for storage.
  • Condensing: A condensing unit uses the exhaust from other natural gas appliances in your home to heat a coil at the bottom of a conventional-looking tank.

Dealing with an emergency? We’re available 24/7 at our hotline. With Aire Serv, you'll never have to struggle alone.

How to Install a Water Heater

You will be led through the installation process by one of our trained service professionals, who will take care to answer any of your questions along the way. Although this process can differ based on the type and energy source of your heater, here are the most common steps:

  1. First, select the type of heater that you’d like.
  2. Install the electrical or gas connection and appropriate ventilation.
  3. Move the unit into its desired place.
  4. Connect the water heater to the necessary electric or fuel lines through appropriate fittings and adhesives.
  5. Open up the aqua lines and turn on the fuel or power supply. Ignite the pilot light, if applicable.

DIY projects could lead to emergency calls. Throughout these steps, always make sure that you’re employing a licensed professional.

Why Aire Serv of Birmingham?

Aire Serv of Birmingham is happy to be of service to the residents of our Birmingham, Alabama, community. Our service professionals are highly skilled in what they do and will take care to answer all questions or concerns that may arise. We will provide quick, efficient service to your home and offer upfront pricing before we start. We're a company that has our customers' best interests in mind; you'll never have to worry about an unusually high bill with us. Through weekends and holidays, our goal stays the same: to deliver proficient, dependable service to those who need it.

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