4 Signs You Need Commercial AC Repairs

Is the air quality in your commercial building unpleasant? Perhaps your employees are calling in sick because of a cough or congestion? Or maybe you noticed strange noises and are not sure if that's a normal part of your AC system or an indication of some malfunction?

Commercial air conditioners are complex pieces of technology. When something goes wrong, you need the help of a professional repair service like the team at Aire Serv of Dallas. Our HVAC technicians have years of experience installing, maintaining, and repairing both residential and commercial systems. If you've noticed any of the following problems in your office or business, it's time to give us a call.

1. Odd Smells Coming Out of the Vents

Have you or your employees noticed strange odors coming out of your vents? Whether your building smells musty or like burnt plastic, smells in your vents are an obvious sign that something’s awry. Not only could it indicate a problem with your commercial AC unit, but your employees will also feel uncomfortable and possibly unwell. Don't put the health of your employees at risk because of poor air quality and ventilation. If you notice the following, call your local Aire Serv of Dallas for commercial air conditioning repairs:

Acrid or Burnt Smells

Usually, metallic, burnt, or chemical smells mean there could be wires melting, short-circuiting, ventilation breaks, or engines and compressors overheating. As soon as you or one of your staff notices a burning odor, turn off the HVAC system and call for air conditioning service.

Stale or Funky Odors

If the air in your commercial property doesn't smell fresh, or you've noticed quite a lot of dust accumulating in your office, it could be that your filters need to be replaced. Alternatively, pests may have infested your AC systems. The vents in your building make a cozy home for bugs and rodents alike. Materials like leaves, bits of trash, and waste can get dragged into your HVAC system by small animals like mice and rats.

Musty Scents

Have your employees been calling in sick more than usual? Perhaps a cough has been going around the office? You might have mold or mildew growing in your air conditioners. The good news is, the pros at Aire Serv specialize in improving indoor air quality for both commercial and residential clients. We offer duct cleaning services and UVC and UVV ultraviolet light installation services that kill harmful bacteria and keep your HVAC system running smoothly.

2. Energy Bill Spike

A sudden spike in your energy costs could indicate part of your AC unit is malfunctioning. There are a couple of reasons why this could be happening. Your thermostat might be giving your commercial air conditioner improper readings. This could be due to a programming or electrical issue. Alternatively, a refrigerant leak or clogged filter might be putting additional strain on your system. Either way, it's best to inquire about commercial air conditioning services with Aire Serv of Dallas.

3. Short-Cycling & Irregular Temperatures

If an AC unit struggles to work efficiently, it might not be able to manage the indoor temperature throughout an entire zone. This could lead to an uncomfortable or stuffy work environment—particularly in the middle of a Texas summer. Likewise, if your AC unit is starting and stopping at short, irregular intervals, it's going through a process called short-cycling. This means the system can't maintain consistent temperatures and there's likely a problem with the HVAC unit. Short-cycling can be caused by a few reasons, including:

Wrong Size

If your commercial AC unit is too big or too small for your building, it will put too much strain on the system and improperly cool the property. For instance, a unit that is too large will cool the area and then shut off too quickly, so the cold air dissipates too quickly as well. This leads to short cycling. A system that is too small will not be able to keep up with the need for cool air and over heat.

Bad Airflow

Dirty filters mean your AC system can't function properly. It has to work too hard to cool down your building because its airflow is obstructed. It will shut down before it's finished the cycle to prevent overheating.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant is key to an AC unit doing its job. If the levels are low, the system will shut down before it's properly cooled your commercial space.

Dirty or Frozen Evaporator Coils

If you don't invest in annual maintenance services, your unit will not be able to operate at its full capacity because of dirt and grime build-up on its various parts, including the evaporator coils. A lack of airflow due to clogged air filters can also cause the coils to freeze. Either way, if the coils are obstructed the system has to work harder to compensate and shuts down early.

4. Alarming Noises

It's usual for your HVAC system to make the odd operating noise—particularly as it starts or shuts down—and these are not cause for worry. But there are some irregular sounds that indicate there's a problem and that you may require conditioning repair services:

  • Squealing typically suggests a problem with the fan belt or bearings on the condenser fan's motor

  • Constant clicking while the unit is operating suggests a problem with the relay or control panel

  • Rattling often means part of the system has gotten loose, or there is debris stuck in the outdoor or rooftop units

  • Clanking when the machine starts (or while its running) may also be a sign of loose parts, like the blower motor fan blades or belt

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