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If you find your Dallas home’s indoor air quality stifling and its overall atmosphere more stuffy than not, it’s usually due to excessive humidity levels. Although an air conditioner unit and oscillating desk fans galore can only go so far in circulating your interior airflow, eventually, you will require a Dallas house dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air to maintain optimal indoor air quality and room temperature. ;

Being part of a southernmost state, Dallas, much like the rest of Texas, enjoys a humid subtropical climate with sweltering hot summers and mild winters. Due to this, Dallas residents are bound to be susceptible to excessive moisture in their interior living spaces, affecting their air quality and making indoor living uncomfortable. ;

Don’t get complacent about the muggy vibe of your indoor air quality by asking a local, certified, and fully insured Dallas HVAC technician from Aire Serv of Dallas for a whole-house dehumidifier installation, repair, or maintenance service. Our expert and experienced team members are well-equipped with the latest equipment and skillset, tactic and know-how for professional Dallas house dehumidifier services.

Our Dependable Dallas House Dehumidifier Services

As a homeowner in Dallas, you understand that a cooling system, such as a Dallas house dehumidifier, is mandatory rather than optional as not only will you receive boosted air quality, especially being finally free of airborne pollutants and allergens, including nasty mold spores. But you will also save on your monthly utility bills, all thanks to increased energy efficiency as a Dallas house dehumidifier will serve as backup support to your home’s HVAC system. A whole-house dehumidifier is a worthwhile investment that can last upwards of a decade so long as you participate in its proper upkeep, including routine maintenance. For example, swapping out the air filters, cleaning the condensing coils, and emptying the water vessel or bucket. In doing so, you will readily lessen the likelihood of a whole-house dehumidifier repair. Plus, there are signs your dehumidifier may be broken and require a new whole-house dehumidifier installation in Dallas:

  • Random puddles of water around the unit due to a leakage
  • No longer collecting water into the bucket, usually due to a busted drain hose
  • Strange noises, including rattling
  • Staying on indefinitely
  • Frost forming on its surface
  • No longer powers on or doesn’t stay on for too long ;

Here are some of the aspects we take into consideration for a whole-house dehumidifier installation:

Types Of Dallas House Dehumidifier Components We Repair

Fan Compressor: This part is akin to a mini refrigerator of sorts as it draws air from the room, which then passes over the filter and eventually the cold coils. As the coil begins to cool, the water condenses and slowly drips in the vessel or bucket within the dehumidifier unit. If this component is busted, the humidity will not be able to reach the minimum threshold level. ;

Reheater: This piece of equipment is responsible for cooling the air within the air conditioner and drawing out any moisture, but rather than expelling the heat to the outskirts of your home, the reheating coiling recycles the heat and directs it back into the original stream of air. In doing so, it will return the air to a proper air temperature. If this part is damaged, you may experience fluctuating indoor temperatures. ;

Compressor Cooling Coils: This part is considered to be the core of the dehumidifier system, as it forces the refrigerant through the system as its condensing coils allow hot refrigerant to move through and blow cooled-off air across the coils to carry away the excessive heat. As a result, the refrigerant condenses, and the process starts all over again. Sometimes, the dehumidifier can freeze because the room is too cold. That’s when water pools and freezes on the cold coils instead of draining away. So you may need a trained HVAC technician to make the proper adjustments for a Dallas house dehumidifier repair. ;

Reservoir: This is the part where the collected moisture or condensation is dispatched to and emptied into a bucket of sorts inside the dehumidifier itself. It’s important to empty the dirty and used water from the bucket and give the area a brush, rinse, and dry it off before reinserting. ;

How do all of these parts work together to cool off your Dallas home? Overall, the fan collects the humidity air from the atmosphere and pulls it into the unit. Next, as air passes through the system, it encounters the cooled coils which use the persuasion of condensation to pull moisture from the air. As a result, the collected moisture clings onto the coils and begins to drip into the system's reservoir. Lastly, your Dallas house dehumidifier once more reheats the air and expels it back into the indoor living space.

Why You Should Choose Aire Serv For Dallas House Dehumidifier Services

Nobody wants to come back to their home sweet home after a long and tiresome commute only to a clammy sauna that is the least bit relaxing. It’s best to be proactive and ask for a whole-house dehumidifier installation at your earliest convenience. A Dallas house dehumidifier will burst in a clean, light, and refreshing stream of cooled-off air, allowing you to breathe easily once more. Plus, during your on-site consultation, our Dallas HVAC professionals will best advise you on how to practice preventative maintenance, so your indoor humidity level never reaches a crisis scenario, for example, plugging up any pipe leaks and cleaning out your gutters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dallas House Dehumidifiers

What Is A Dallas House Dehumidifier And Its Sole Purpose?

Based on your indoor temperature, there is a specific amount of water vapor that can be retained within the air itself, with the recommended humidity level clocking in between 30 to 50% for a standard and average room temperature between 68 and 76 °F. That’s why Dallas homeowners who are tired of the balmy, stale, and unpleasant environment they have to reside in should opt for a whole-house dehumidifier installation. A dehumidifier is a mechanical system that removes moisture from the air. The device itself is attached to your home’s duct system and, once switched on, regulates the amount of moisture in the atmosphere as it adds and subtracts moistened air throughout the home. It does this by transporting warm, humid air over colder coils, thereby transforming the humidity into water droplets or condensation, which collate in a vessel or water bucket which is attached to the unit itself. This culled water will be redirected through a condensate drain which is connected to a hose. Lately, if you’ve noticed that your home’s air quality has plummeted due to excessive moisture and humidity, for example from mold and mildew growth, not only are you sacrificing your health and well-being but the structural integrity of your home. For example, you are more vulnerable to costly and permanent moisture damage such as wood rot. ;

Here are some telltale signs your Dallas home has moisture damage and requires a whole-house dehumidifier:

  • Fluctuating and inconsistencies for room temperature
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Damp and discolored patches or stains
  • Foul, musty odors
  • Pest infestation including silverfish and centipede bugs
  • Random puddles and leakages
  • Moisture condensation on windows and walls
  • Peeling or warped paint and wallpaper
  • Allergic reactions include itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, stuffy and runny nose, wheezing, sore throat, coughing, shortness of breath

Should A Whole House Dehumidifier Run All The Time?

On average, it’s recommended to allow your Dallas house dehumidifier to run for up to 12 hours per day so you can reach that mandatory humidity level of between 35 to 50%. If the relative humidity levels drop below this range, it’s best to turn off the unit. Plus, you don’t need to run the whole house dehumidifier during the colder months when the temperatures may be dry and more arid. ;

Does A Whole House Dehumidifier Prevent Mold?

Yes–a dehumidifier removes the moisture from your indoor air through a condensation process and in doing so gets rid of the fungal spores which cause mold and any dust mites and microorganisms from the air.

Should I Turn Off My Whole House Dehumidifier In The Winter Months?

Although your Dallas house dehumidifier runs automatically in the background, it’s a good idea to turn it off during the winter to help save expenses on your monthly utility and to preserve the lifespan of the equipment itself.

Does Your House Feel Balmy? Let Our Dallas House Dehumidifier Suck Out All the Moisture!

It’s about time to start relaxing and unwinding in the comfort and cool confines of your humble abode with a Dallas house dehumidifier courtesy of Aire Serv of Dallas. Whether you’re in Dallas or nearby areas of Coppell, Garland, or Mesquite, go ahead and reach out to one of our friendly customer service representatives, who will gladly answer your inquiries. ;

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