Air Conditioner Installation Dallas, TX

Every homeowner in the Dallas-Fort Worth area knows air conditioners are not a luxury here. They are a necessity to keep you and your family safe and comfortable through those long, hot Texas summers when temperatures regularly hit 100 °F outside—and can be even worse indoors. Whether you've experienced an unexpected equipment failure, need an upgrade to get more efficient cooling power, or just moved into a home without an air conditioning (AC) system, you need reliable, professional air conditioner installation in Dallas, TX.

The team of air conditioner installation experts at Aire Serv of Dallas are the service professionals who can install your system quickly and correctly as part of our wide range of comprehensive HVAC services, including AC installation in Dallas, TX. Homeowners always feel so much better once they can breathe a frosty sigh of relief in their perfectly cooled homes! Get started with an expert Dallas HVAC professional today!

Four large outdoor HVAC units on individual concrete pads.

Experienced, Professional Dallas Air Conditioner Installation Services

Whether you're putting in a little window AC unit or a brand new, full central air conditioning system, there are a lot of good reasons to rely on the help of an experienced HVAC service professional. Aside from our prompt service and top-rated local pros, what can you expect when choosing Aire Serv for your air conditioner installation in Dallas, TX?

Consultation & Preparation

Before we install your unit, we'll need to make sure your home is properly prepared. Because air conditioning units come in all different types and sizes, our installation process will differ. Whether we're fitting a window unit into an existing window or hooking up a split system for the first time, proper preparation is essential to ensure the unit fits properly and has the correct ventilation needed.

Ductless mini-split AC installation does not require any ductwork, but if you are installing a split system or package AC, your home will need to have the appropriate ductwork. Don't have ducts? Before we install your unit, you will need to undergo a few modifications to retrofit them into your home. Whether you're installing a split system or ductless split system, the unit needs to be placed outside of your home. We recommend placing it on top of a concrete surface or on your roof. During your initial consultation, we'll hash out these details and ensure your home is ready for your installation.

Installation & Setup

On your service day, we'll hook up your central system to your ductwork (if applicable), check that the ductwork is properly sealed, and then install any indoor components. Connecting the electrical lines and the thermostat, we'll charge the new unit with refrigerant and run tests to ensure it operates smoothly. After the installation is complete, we'll walk you through the thermostat settings and answer any questions you have about its use.

Types of Air Conditioner Systems for Dallas Homeowners

When it comes to selecting a unit for AC installation, you may find that one of the biggest decisions you need to make during the AC installation process is which type of AC system will work best for your home. Here are the general options available:

  • Split System & Package ACs: These are both examples of a standard central air conditioner that relies on ductwork. The difference is that a package system combines heating and cooling in one unit, while a split system separates the heater and AC into separate units.
  • Ductless Mini-Splits: As the name suggests, ducts are not needed for these systems, which link individual units in each room to an outdoor compressor. They are a good solution for older homes that don't have ductwork already installed.
  • Portable, Wall, & Window Units: These self-contained, ductless units are capable of cooling one or possibly two rooms and don't require an outdoor compressor, but they aren't going to be able to efficiently cool an entire house.
  • Evaporative Coolers: Also known as swamp coolers, these AC units use evaporation to remove heat and work best in climates with dry heat and low humidity.

With humid air coming in from the Gulf and driving average humidity levels up to 60 or 70 percent, Dallas does not qualify as a low-humidity area. Evaporative coolers will work some of the time with Dallas weather, but they're not a good overall air conditioner installation option for our climate.

Why Choose Aire Serv for Air Conditioner Installation in Dallas, TX?

When you're looking for AC services for your home, including Dallas air conditioning repair and installation service, you need the help of an experienced professional who can accurately evaluate your needs and make a good recommendation for an AC unit that will be both efficient and cost-effective. Aire Serv is the HVAC company you can trust to deliver exactly that.

Expert Air Conditioning Service Professionals

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority for our AC company, and that's why we always focus on quality workmanship and unbeatable service. We'll arrive promptly for your appointment—in uniform while driving a marked van—then take the time to thoroughly investigate the situation and answer any questions you may have before we begin. That way, we can ensure that we find the ideal air conditioner installation solution for your Dallas home.

What's more, our service professionals are experts in the industry, background-checked and carefully pre-vetted to give you total peace of mind on your service day. We want our customers to feel completely confident in both our staff and the services we provide, and that's made possible through our extensive screening process, quality of service, and thorough approach.

Upfront Pricing & No Overtime Charges

The worst part of getting any kind of home service is the nerve-wracking wait to see how much the final bill will be. We've eliminated that worry by always charging an honest, upfront rate so you know exactly how much you'll be paying before we get started. Worried that you can't afford emergency or overtime service on weekends, holidays, and after-hours? Don't be—we never charge for overtime or hidden fees, so our 24/7 services cost exactly the same at 2:00 a.m. as they do at 2:00 p.m.

Would you like to learn more about our core values, service professionals, and wide service range? Don't hesitate to reach out to our customer care representatives by phone or contact us online. While you're here, why not take a minute to check out our online ratings, reviews, testimonials, and photo gallery?

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioner Installation in Dallas, TX

Have questions about our air conditioner installation service, or need advice about your AC installation in Dallas, TX? You can give us a call to chat with our friendly customer service staff or find the answers to some common questions below.

What Are The Benefits of Air Conditioner Installation in Dallas, TX?

Expert AC Advice: All of the options can be overwhelming when it comes time to consider a new AC installation in Dallas, TX. With so many options available for types, brands, sizes, and more, getting expert advice early in the process from our service team is critical. It takes an experienced AC professional to properly evaluate all the various factors at play and recommend a system that is, on balance, the best combination of efficient and cost-effective for your specific needs. Because we receive constant ongoing training on the latest technologies and requirements, you can rest assured that our air conditioning installation service professionals will help you find a system that complies with all legal codes and will be able to serve you loyally for years to come.

Energy Savings: Nobody wants to pay more than they have to on their monthly utility bills, but that's exactly what happens when your AC system isn't running optimally. You may be surprised by how drastically a modern, high-efficiency unit installation can lower your energy costs in Dallas, especially if your former unit was older, not well-maintained, or suffering from multiple HVAC repair issues.

However, if the air conditioner installation is not done correctly, the unit will not be optimized for efficiency. Improper duct installation, for example, can cause even a brand-new unit to work much harder than it should to get the house cooled down. That's why saving money isn't just about getting a new air conditioner that is more energy efficient—it's also about getting the unit installed by someone who knows what they're doing and can make sure the AC has everything it needs to function at its best.

Improve Air Quality: As the air moves through your AC system, it passes through a filter that helps to purify the air and make it safer to breathe. A new air conditioner installation will help to remove dust, pollen, pet dander, and other irritating allergens from the air, greatly improving air quality and increasing the comfort of allergy sufferers in your Dallas area home.

Safe Installation: There are a lot of household tasks that can be carried out by amateurs, but air conditioning system installation service is not one of them. There are just too many ways to seriously hurt yourself when attempting air conditioner installation. Numerous injuries from heating and cooling systems are reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission every year, including:

  • Electrocution
  • Asphyxiation
  • Lacerations
  • Rashes
  • Cuts
  • Bruises
  • Strains
  • Sprains

Our Dallas team has the training and experience to handle both old and new AC units safely and to get air conditioner installation done in a way that minimizes future hazards.

Guaranteed Satisfaction: When they hire our HVAC professionals for AC installation, property owners have the certainty of knowing that they'll be satisfied with the final result—that's our guarantee. We stand behind our workmanship with the Done Right Promise: if it's not done right, we'll make it right.

What Brands Do You Service?

We service and repair a wide range of major brands of air conditioning, including Amana®, Bryant®, Carrier®, Coleman®, Frigidaire®, Goodman®, Honeywell®, Lennox®, Rheem®, and many more. Give us a call or visit the "About" section of our website for a complete list of brands we service.

Is Central Air Conditioning Better Than Ductless?

No, not necessarily. Each home has different needs and requirements, so central air conditioner installation is not inherently better in all cases. If you already have ductwork installed in your home, a central air conditioning system that can take advantage of the existing ducts is likely a good choice. But in an older home that doesn't have ducts, the cost and disruption of installing them means that it's probably better to go with a ductless option for your air conditioner installation.

What Does SEER Mean for Air Conditioner Installation?

Did you know there are legal requirements for air conditioner energy efficiency set by the U.S. Department of Energy? The efficiency of AC units is measured by the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER), a rating of the system's cooling performance. As of 2023, an air conditioner installation in the Southeastern region of the United States—including Texas—must have a SEER rating of 15 or higher. However, SEER ratings on some systems go as high as 25.

HVAC service professionals are not permitted to perform air conditioner installation on a unit that doesn't meet the minimum SEER requirement, so it's important to opt for a system that meets the current minimum standards. These energy conservation measures have a huge impact on energy usage throughout the Southeastern region of the United States, reducing both your individual energy costs and the environmental toll of high energy usage.

What Kind of Refrigerant is Best for Air Conditioner Installation?

Older units generally use Freon refrigerant, also known as R22. It's really tough on the environment because it is destructive to the ozone layer, which is why it was mostly phased out at the beginning of 2020 for air conditioner installation. Puron, or R410A, is the new standard because it's much gentler on the ozone layer and also uses less energy overall than Freon systems, making it even more environmentally friendly.

It is worth noting that refrigerant (regardless of what kind it is) is a hazardous material that should only be handled by a qualified professional. Inhaling or making contact with refrigerant can result in poisoning with serious symptoms such as difficulty breathing, severe sinus pain and stomach pain, vision loss, irregular heartbeat, skin rashes, confusion, and fainting. If you suspect a refrigerant leak, open windows, leave the room, and call a service professional to take care of it safely.

How Much Does Air Conditioner Installation Cost?

It's understandable that you'd like to know right now how much you need to budget for Dallas air conditioner installation, but because there are so many variable factors (and prices can vary so widely), it's impossible to give an accurate cost estimate without assessing your home in person. Once we've had the opportunity to evaluate your needs, we can offer a fair estimate so that you're able to make an informed decision.

What Size Unit Do I Need for Dallas Air Conditioner Installation?

It's extremely important to choose an air conditioner installation that is the correct size for your Dallas home — and unlike most other things in Texas, bigger is not necessarily better. An oversized AC system will reach the target temperature too quickly, which is not as good as it sounds. It causes the system to go through shorter, more frequent cycles, which increases wear and tear considerably, leading to premature breakdowns and costly AC replacement. Short cycling also makes it difficult for the HVAC system to control humidity levels indoors, leaving you with an uncomfortable, sticky feeling.

On the other hand, an undersized unit is just as bad. It won't be able to reach the desired temperature, causing it to run constantly and increase your energy bill—which means that saving money by buying a too-small unit for air conditioner installation doesn't actually save you anything in the long run. Plus, the house will still be too warm and humid. Not sure what size you need for AC installation in Dallas, TX? Our service pros at Aire Serv will take a look at your home and current system to come up with the best course of action.

Where Should My Air Conditioner Installation Be Located?

The next thing to consider is where on your property certain components of your Dallas air conditioner installation should be located. The installation processes vary according to the type of HVAC unit. For a central cooling system, you'll need an outdoor space for the condenser or heat pump, while wall-mounted AC units will, of course, need a suitable space on the wall in each room.

When looking around for an outdoor space, here's what you should take into consideration:

  • Unit needs to be a minimum of 12 inches away from any other object
  • Keep it away from hot zones and high-traffic areas
  • Needs to be placed on a level, elevated condenser pad

For wall-mounted units, look for indoor spots that match these requirements:

  • Seven feet above your floor, with six inches of clearance on top and each side
  • Three feet away from electronics, Wi-Fi modems, and coaxial cables
  • Wall needs to be strong enough to support unit — ideally, fasten it to a wall stud
  • Away from direct sunlight and other direct heat sources
  • Not obstructed by items such as large furniture

Should I Get a New Furnace Installed Along With the Air Conditioner?

If your air conditioner installation is replacing a package system that combines your heating system and air conditioning into one unit, it makes good sense to have a new package system installed that will, of course, include heating service. However, if you are getting the AC side of a split system installed or a portable or mini-split system, it depends more on the current age and condition of your furnace.

If it is more than ten years old, your heating system is nearing the end of its lifespan and will probably need to be replaced sooner rather than later. In that case, it makes sense to get a furnace installation at the same time as your air conditioner installation. But if your furnace is only a few years old and in relatively good shape, it may just need basic furnace repair service and maintenance to ensure it is running smoothly. Scheduling regular maintenance will help prevent premature unit replacement and expensive repairs.

How Else Can I Save Money on Energy Costs?

Installing a programmable thermostat is a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce your heating and cooling expenses. Also called smart thermostats, they feature the ability to program a temperature schedule so you don't need to remember to turn your system off or down during periods of time when you are usually out of the house or asleep.

It is also a great idea to seal your home against air drafts to get it up to maximum efficiency. If air is entering and escaping your house through gaps around windows or doors, or even deteriorated siding or damaged soffits and fascia boards, it causes your HVAC to work harder and use a lot more energy to keep your home at your desired temperature. By sealing off areas that are being affected by air drafts, you can save a significant amount on your utility bill and also improve your comfort levels.

What Indoor Air Quality Services Do You Offer?

We offer air duct cleaning, air filter replacement, air purifiers, electronic air cleaners, dehumidifiers, and mechanical ventilation services to improve the quality of the air in your Dallas home or commercial property. We're in the business of delivering comfortable heating and cooling services to locals in Dallas. Our comprehensive offering also includes air conditioning replacement services, heater repair, emergency repairs, and so much more. For all of your heating and cooling needs, you can count on Aire Serv for accurate knowledge and professional service!

You Can Rely on Us for Expert AC Installation in Dallas, TX!

You rely on your air conditioner to get you through Dallas’s hot summers. That means a proper installation is key, and you'll need an air conditioning company that knows what it's doing to ensure your unit is hooked up the right way. When you choose our qualified team, you're getting a roster of expert service professionals highly skilled in the trade. We always aim to give you total peace of mind over the quality of our workmanship and team, backing our labor with a warranty and pre-vetting our employees.

Whether you're in Dallas or nearby areas such as Coppell, Mesquite, and Rowlett, you can always count on outstanding HVAC installation and excellent customer service from the service professionals at Aire Serv of Dallas.

Give us a call today to make a service request, and we'll show you why we're Dallas residents' top choice for stress-free air conditioner installation, air conditioning maintenance and repair services.

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