From its inception during the mid-eighteenth century, Allen has been a notable community. Whether it’s for notorious figures from the past like Sam Bass, or modern developments like the Joe Farmer Recreation Center, excitement abounds in Allen. Between all your daily activities and thrills, you need a place to kick off your shoes and relax. That’s supposed to be your home, but you might find it difficult to loosen up if your Allen HVAC system is losing efficiency.

Heating and cooling are two things that you should be able to take for granted. At Aire Serv of Dallas, our highly experienced and well-trained service professionals have seen the effects of wear and tear on heating and cooling systems in Allen. Everything needs a boost from time to time, and that includes ducts, heaters, and AC units.

Indoor comfort should always be guaranteed in your home. A lot of the factors that impact that condition come from central systems. Your Allen HVAC set-up is supreme above everything else when it comes to indoor air comfort, so we developed a comprehensive collection of services meant to maintain and manage your home’s HVAC system so that you can avoid discomfort from costly repairs and early replacements.

Ac outside units

Heater Repair, Maintenance and Replacement for HVAC in Allen, TX

We know the importance of heat in homes throughout Dallas and the surrounding communities. We never want our friends and neighbors in Allen to suffer the effects of colder winter weather or sudden severe storms. When temperatures drop, pressure on your heater rises, which often results in unexpected failure on HVAC appliances that are older or overdue for maintenance. During these emergencies, it doesn’t hurt to have a reliable expert on call for heating repair services. If you’re without heat, we’re the friendly, experienced professionals that can’t be beaten.

Heating Repair

Routine furnace service and furnace repairs are two of our most standard jobs. Most of these appliances only last so long before they need attention. The talented professionals can provide results more quickly and efficiently than average furnace repair technicians. Plus, they can handle many other heating systems, including heat pumps.

Reliable heating is obviously very important to ensure the comfort and livability of your home during the colder months. Still, it’s not enough to just have a furnace that is providing heat—it should also be operating at peak energy efficiency. Hence, it’s not needlessly increasing your utility bills with inefficient operation. Our reliable Allen HVAC service professionals can make sure you don’t experience any unexpected breakdowns and also potentially save you some money on your heating bills by improving energy efficiency.

Some of the common problems our furnace repair experts are called to solve are:

  • Pilot Light Has Gone Out: If your pilot light is out, your gas-powered furnace can’t turn on. Sometimes they go out due to an air draft from a slamming door or something of that nature, and in that case, it can typically just be relit, and the heater will be back to its regular function. But if the pilot light keeps going out repeatedly for no obvious reason, your heating unit is experiencing a more serious issue. There are several possible causes. It could be something as simple as a draft in your home, or you might have a serious issue like broken gas valves or faulty venting. We’ll find the cause, perform any necessary repairs, and get your pilot light to reappear.
  • Overheated Motor: An overheated blower motor isn’t uncommon, but it needs to be taken care of before the motor breaks down entirely, and you’re left without any heating power. If you smell a burning odor or hear a loud humming noise, we can perform an inspection and complete any necessary repairs or replacements.
  • Blower Fan is Constantly On: Your blower fan is the component of your heater that pushes warm air into your air ducts so it can be moved around your house. It’s not supposed to be running all the time—it has a fan limit switch that should turn the fan off when it’s not required. If you’ve noticed that your blower fan never seems to turn off, it is probably due to an issue with its fan limit switch. It could also be related to the blower compartment or furnace blower motor.
  • Faulty Thermocouple: Gas furnaces have an important part called a thermocouple. When your pilot light goes out for whatever reason, the thermocouple turns off the gas valve to prevent the possibility of gas seeping into your house. But if there’s some sort of problem with the thermocouple, the flame sensor may not be able to tell when the pilot light is actually on. If the problem is not corrected, it will keep shutting off your gas valve and prevent your furnace from getting the fuel it needs to heat your home.

Homeowners in Allen have their choice of heating systems that work best, but if you need help with faulty parts or advice with choosing an HVAC replacement, our knowledgeable pros are happy to assist—we can even complete installation services while we’re there.

Air Conditioning Services for Your Allen HVAC

Reliable, cost-effective AC is better than any other option for scrapes with summer heat. A well-functioning air conditioning unit makes all the difference. You could try to deal with the summer heat by drinking cold water, dressing down, and opening windows, but nothing is going to have a more significant, positive effect on your indoor comfort than complete cooling from a superior, affordable air conditioning unit.

Air Conditioner Repair

Air conditioners are complex systems that are called on for heavy-duty in Texas, as they must run for long periods of time during summer to keep a building cool and remove humidity. As a result, it’s hardly surprising that they are susceptible to issues related to wear and tear damage—especially if they haven’t received the necessary preventive maintenance services to halt problems before they get worse and spiral out of control, which drives up your energy costs and lowers your indoor comfort levels. Here are some of the most common problems that require air conditioning repair service from a qualified Allen HVAC professional:

  • No Power: If an air conditioning system won’t turn on at all, it’s often not a problem with the unit itself but rather an electrical issue such as faulty wiring or a tripped circuit breaker. Or sometimes, it happens because a deteriorated component or mechanical failure has caused the unit to become overheated, and it shuts itself off to avoid further damage.
  • Worn or Broken Fan Belt: Is your AC system making an unpleasant screeching or squealing sound? It’s likely because the fan belt is worn out and needs to be replaced. Switch the AC unit off and call your local Allen HVAC expert right away. If the fan belt breaks completely before a replacement can be taken care of, the repair will be more costly and time-consuming.
  • Damaged Fan Motor: A lack of proper air circulation in a home can be caused by a fan motor that is malfunctioning due to wear and tear that has accumulated over time. Our Allen HVAC professional may be able to repair the motor, but it’s also possible that a replacement motor will be necessary.
  • Clogged Condensate Drain: Debris such as dirt, algae, dirt, signs of insect infestations, and other types of obstructions can clog up your AC unit’s condensate drain, which can lead to problems with a homeowner’s worst enemy, water damage. Our HVAC professionals will flush the system to clear it out and potentially also apply algaecide to help eliminate future organic growth.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

If you already have an existing cooling system, then it’s important to maintain its operation and extend its life with regular maintenance services. Routine AC maintenance from a reliable Allen HVAC professional is the best way to get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you won’t be dealing with a catastrophic air conditioning system breakdown on the hottest day of summer.

The best times to schedule air conditioning services are in the spring or fall, before and after high-use periods. However, if your existing system is out-of-date, inefficient, or failing, then it might be time to consider something beyond simple AC repair service.

Air Conditioner Replacement

If your old air conditioning unit has reached the end of its serviceable years and is ready to retire, you need professional AC installation services from our experienced Allen HVAC team. Our air conditioning replacement services are a great option for getting rid of an older system and getting a new, energy-efficient model installed. You have multiple options for air conditioner installation and replacement, including:

  • Central AC systems
  • Split-duct & mini-duct ACs
  • Ductless solutions
  • Window, wall, & portable units
  • Evaporative coolers

Picking an appropriate cooling solution for your home is as important as choosing one, to begin with. Researching high-efficiency options and considering BTU against your home’s layout and occupancy all takes time and effort. Our quality service professionals can help you explore your options and better understand your home’s HVAC requirements when the time comes for air conditioning replacements or installations.

Allen HVAC - Duct Services

Your entire HVAC system depends on your ducts to deliver desired temperatures every day. Well-maintained ducts make all the difference when it comes to removing negative effects and increasing positive effects associated with HVAC systems.

All ducts get dirtier over time and ducts overdue for cleaning have a negative effect on unit efficiency as well as your health. Contaminants that build inside of ductwork increase the potential of minor issues like headaches and irritate existing respiratory issues. They also significantly reduce the effective efficiency of your entire HVAC system, which often results in higher energy bills and sometimes damage or unit failure from increased stress.

Your indoor air quality doesn’t have to suffer when you can get duct cleaning service from a pro. If an emergency results in severe damage that’s significantly hampering your home’s heating or cooling, we can talk to you about air duct replacements and what the best options are for maintaining your indoor comfort.

Our Air Duct Cleaning Process for Allen HVAC Systems

Our general process for cleaning dirty air ducts starts with a thorough inspection. This is a key step because until we actually take a look inside your ducts, we don’t know precisely which types of contaminants are present. We don’t want to assume it’s just dust and then deposit harmful debris, such as asbestos or mold, into your home. We’ll also take note of the material your ductwork is made of so we can avoid damaging it during cleaning.

Next, we’ll get started on air duct cleaning. Allen HVAC professionals at Aire Serv may choose to utilize skipper balls or air whips to loosen dust and debris so it can easily be vacuumed away, but sometimes brushes are the right choice. If you have fiberglass ducts, for example, they must be cleaned with soft-bristled brushes only to prevent damage. We’ll then utilize a high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) vacuum or a vacuum that deposits dirt outdoors to ensure that everything is cleared out of your air ducts.

Commercial Services for HVAC Near Me

HVAC systems aren’t isolated to residential properties. Our fellow local business owners in Allen number among the many commercial customers that we can help. From commercial AC repair to commercial heater replacement, we know how to restore their functions. Keeping your clientele comfortable at all times has a positive impact that spreads through the community, boosting your reputation and your profits. All of our outstanding services and HVAC solutions are available for commercial property owners in Allen and the surrounding areas.

Additional Allen HVAC Services

We’re Allen’s one-stop shop for all your HVAC requirements and will not rest until home, and business owners in our community are well looked after. Besides the standard heating and cooling services, we also offer a wide range of other popular projects:

Is it Time for an AC Tune-Up or Heating Maintenance? If So, Rely on Aire Serv’s Experienced Allen HVAC Professional!

Keeping you breathing easy is the key objective of our reliable, efficient service. Your comfort is our priority, and your satisfaction is our guarantee. We’re available every hour of every day for convenient appointments and emergency HVAC repairs.

Whether you’re in Allen or a nearby area, such as Addison, Coppell, or Garland, our local experts have you covered. If you need more information or superior customer service from an HVAC service professional, call us today or request an appointment online.