Reliable Commercial AC Replacement in Dallas, TX

Are you considering commercial AC replacement? Climate control is the most important part of indoor comfort in Dallas—and it's a critical safety consideration too. Every commercial building in Dallas should have effective air systems for keeping people cool during hot summer days.

Cooling systems have a noticeable impact on the bottom line of many businesses—in many ways. If your existing system isn't effective enough, it might be time to consider the benefits of installing newer cooling technology.

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Whether you want advice from a local HVAC expert or need AC replacement service from a professional company, Aire Serv of Dallas is here to help! As your local air conditioning company, we know exactly what businesses in Dallas need when it comes to cooling. We know which HVAC solutions are more cost-effective for commercial buildings, and we're here to help you evaluate your needs for commercial AC replacement. When the time comes, we're also here to support you with reliable, courteous HVAC service.

How Do You Know If You Need Commercial AC Replacement?

Unfortunately, commercial air conditioning equipment doesn't last forever. Air conditioners develop more and more issues as they age. A routine maintenance plan will certainly extend the lifespan of critical systems—and timely repairs help too — but situations will still eventually develop for which the more cost-effective solution is getting something new.

Stay alert to the health of your commercial HVAC system. If you see any warning signs or experience any issues, consider calling friendly professionals from your local HVAC service provider. One of our experienced service professionals will always be happy to help you evaluate your commercial air conditioner. In most cases, replacement is recommended when it would save Dallas business owners from paying for constant costly repairs.

Signs You Need Commercial AC Replacement:


Because commercial air conditioning systems become more troublesome over time, age is one of the most important factors to consider. In general, the maximum lifespan of most commercial compressors and other systems is 12-15 years, but exact lifespans vary based on multiple factors. The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Energy Star program recommends replacement for systems that are more than ten years old.

Uncomfortable Indoor Temperatures

If your air conditioning system is failing to create a comfortable space for your team and clientele, then it might be time to consider replacement service from a professional company. At the very least, you should make an appointment for professional AC service to find out why your air conditioning isn't effectively cooling your business.

Loud Noises

Noises traveling through your indoor vents or echoing out of failing compressors are common sources of frustration for Dallas business owners with older air conditioning units. Disruptive noise is a common warning sign, and it will keep getting worse. Professional air conditioning services will help resolve issues causing noise. In some cases, those noisy issues are so catastrophic that replacement is the best solution.

High Energy Costs

When it comes to cooling buildings in Dallas, efficiency is key for keeping costs under control. As air conditioning systems age and their essential components wear down, it becomes harder for them to operate at peak performance. The sluggish performance of aging systems results in reduced efficiency, the primary effect of which is higher utility bills. Repair solutions and maintenance services help restore efficiency, but at the end of a unit's life, commercial AC replacement is a superior solution to expensive repairs.

Frequent Breakdowns & Costly Repairs

Have you heard of the 50 percent rule? If your AC unit breaks down constantly, or experiences any kind of catastrophic failure, you might want to know about it. The 50 percent rule is a standard by which many commercial HVAC service professionals evaluate the benefits of repairs and replacement. It states that any time the cost of repair services would exceed half the value of your system, replacement is a better choice.

How Does Commercial AC Replacement Work?

The process involved with commercial AC replacement varies based on many factors. The type of system you have, the size of your business space, the state of your system, and even the location of your outdoor unit are all factors that affect replacement service. For example, replacing entire central air conditioning systems could take much longer than just replacing a single central air unit. Likewise, swapping out a central air conditioning unit requires different techniques than the process involved for replacing ductless mini-splits.

In the simplest cases, your new installation might involve simply swapping out an existing outdoor unit. If you have a rooftop unit, there are additional procedures and safety requirements involved with the replacement process. Depending on the size and state of your ductwork, you may also need to repair, replace, or add air ducts as part of the process.

It's difficult to provide specific details about how commercial AC replacement will work for you without seeing your business for ourselves. If you're interested in getting more information about the replacement process, our service professionals would be happy to inspect your system, provide recommendations, and describe the specific process required for your business.

Why Choose Aire Serv of Dallas for Commercial AC Replacement?

We're your local HVAC service professionals. As part of the business community in Dallas, we proudly serve our fellow businesses across Dallas and in many nearby cities. We have years of experience providing local service for commercial AC maintenance, repairs, and installations. If you want honest, reliable HVAC solutions from a local Dallas company, we've got benefits for you—and your business!

The Benefits of Choosing Aire Serv of Dallas:

Full Satisfaction Guarantee—Our team of professionals operate according to the core standard of the Neighborly Done Right Promise: if a job's not done right, we'll make it right. Our professional services come from experienced, knowledgeable experts that always work hard to give you the best possible solutions, and that includes support for any potential complications that might arise.

Convenient Appointment Times—We know that you might have a busy schedule. Many Dallas business owners are pulled in multiple directions by the demands of their daily responsibilities. Whether you've got time blocked-off for AC service or you have a full schedule, we've got convenient, flexible appointment times to meet your unique needs.

Prompt, Anytime Service—Has your system failed suddenly? We're ready to help! Our prompt services are always available to deal with sudden emergencies. If an extreme issue with your air conditioner is threatening the immediate comfort, safety, and efficiency of your daily operations, our prompt responses will help you get back on track.

Courteous, Experienced Service Professionals—Our service professionals have years of experience, extensive training with the latest technology, and knowledge about all major brands. Each of our team members always provides courteous service tailored to your unique needs. When we're working on your property, your needs become our needs.

Upfront, Honest Estimates—When it comes to getting any kind of HVAC service, you shouldn't have to worry about hidden fees or surprise charges. With service from Aire Serv of Dallas, you never will. Our service appointments always include upfront estimates for everything being done, so you always know exactly what your commercial AC replacement will cost.

Commercial Maintenance Plans—The Aire Serv advantage plan offers additional protection for Dallas business owners. With an advantage plan, you and your new AC unit will get the benefits of preferred customer status with Aire Serv of Dallas, including priority service and scheduling, scheduled routine maintenance and discounted pricing.

Are There Benefits to Commercial AC Replacement?

There are many benefits that come with a new HVAC installation in Dallas—especially if you've been struggling to stay comfortable with an older, inefficient, failing commercial air conditioner unit. The biggest benefit is replacing that broken unit with something that actually works, but there are several additional benefits that come with timely replacement service.

The Benefits of Commercial AC Replacement:

  • Improved Climate Control: If you've been relying on older cooling systems, you might be surprised to learn how much cooling technology has improved over the years. Modern advanced systems come with additional features like multi-speed fan control, fault detection, and remote monitoring, for both better climate control and more peace of mind.
  • Fewer Repair Appointments: With an efficient modern air conditioner, you're far less likely to need frequent appointments for AC repair services. Worn down old air conditioning often requires constant repairs to address all the little issues that appear. With a modern system, all you'll need is a basic appointment for regular maintenance to extend its service life.
  • Improved Cooling Efficiency: One of the best benefits of commercial AC replacement is improving your overall cooling efficiency. In many cases, older units are already operating at reduced efficiency, so it's probable that any new unit will be a more efficient air conditioner than what you already have. The peak performance of newer systems far exceeds what even pristine older units are capable of.
  • Reduced Operating Costs: Advanced technology, fewer repairs, and improved efficiency all contribute to one important benefit for Dallas homeowners: reduced daily costs. The improved efficiency and economical settings of advanced systems work together to reduce the amount of energy being used, and therefore the amount you spend on energy costs. Fewer appointments for repairs also means you'll pay less to keep your business cool with constant commercial AC service.

Additional Commercial AC Replacement Considerations:

Warranty Coverage

New air conditioning systems come with a warranty that adds further protection against possible issues. An older, unprotected unit could put you more at risk, but the warranty coverage that comes with new units protects you and your business from unexpected repair costs in the future.

Commercial AC Conversion Costs

It's possible to replace your existing system with a different type of air conditioning, but that process comes with additional requirements. While a conversion could bring the extra benefits of a different type of air conditioning, there may be additional costs associated with that commercial AC replacement process.

R-22 “Freon” Refrigerant

As of 2020, R-22 refrigerant—a.k.a. Freon—can no longer be imported or produced in the United States. Anyone with an older AC system that relies on Freon will have to face rising costs associated with the increasingly limited supply of R-22. For those air conditioner owners, costs continually go up as refrigerant levels go down. Modern, efficient air conditioning is a great alternative to rising Freon prices.

Rebates & Tax Incentives

Depending on the city you operate in, there may be additional tax incentives or replacement rebates for business owners that swap out their older air conditioning. If you're already considering replacement, take some time to find out if your city is currently offering rebates or tax incentives.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dallas Commercial AC Replacement:

“What is a Commercial AC System?”

You could say that any air conditioning systems in a commercial building are commercial systems, but there are actually more specific distinctions between residential and commercial air conditioning. When HVAC experts talk about commercial systems, they're generally referring to packaged units, in which all the important components are housed in a single unit. Commercial units also typically have much more complicated drainage and ventilation systems.

“What Kind of AC do I Have?”

It's difficult to answer this without seeing for ourselves. If your AC uses a single unit that connects to your ductwork, then you probably have what's called a packaged system. If you have both an outdoor and indoor unit, then you might have what's called a split system, which is generally more common in residential properties but could be used for smaller businesses too. Other types of AC include ductless mini-splits, window units, portable AC, and evaporative coolers.

“How Long Should Commercial AC Last?”

The standard service life for commercial HVAC technology ranges from ten to fifteen years based on how much maintenance it has received and how old it is. AC replacements could last longer with regular maintenance, but the exact amount of time will vary depending on the size of your property, the pressures put on your AC, and the seasonal demands of Dallas weather.

“How Long Does Commercial AC Replacement Take?”

In some cases, it takes just half a day to replace commercial AC. In other cases, it could take up to a full day or longer. The exact length of time will depend on whether or not there are additional requirements for service—such as those that come with replacing rooftop units or converting to different systems. Our team will always communicate clearly with you before service begins and throughout the process to let you know when your new AC will be ready.

Do You Want Commercial AC Replacement Service?

Aire Serv of Dallas is here to assist you! We've got the skills and expertise required for working with commercial AC. If your current system is causing problems and you want an advanced, efficient replacement, then consider scheduling service with your local Dallas HVAC service professionals.

For professional replacement service from friendly, courteous experts, call us .

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