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Exceptional Air Duct Cleaning Services in Dallas, TX

Air ducts have a direct relationship with your indoor air quality (IAQ). The links that connect to your home's heating and cooling systems carry millions of visible and microscopic particles, and if they're contaminated, that will spread to you. Ducts naturally become dirtier over time as dust builds up inside them. If left unaddressed, excessive amounts of dust and other debris can be ejected into your property, resulting in poor air quality that will irritate an allergy or harm your health.

Aire Serv of Dallas' HVAC experts can provide professional air duct cleaning service that removes harmful contaminants from your system. Our exceptional customer service and effective HVAC solutions will leave you breathing easy.

Why Should You Get Air Duct Cleaning Service?

What you breathe, both indoors and outdoors, directly impacts your health. Unsuitable indoor air quality reduces the comfort of people inside a poorly maintained space, and may even agitate their existing health conditions with severe consequences. If you regularly notice any of the common signs associated with contaminated or dirty air ducts, then you can benefit from contacting an HVAC service professional.

Signs you need duct cleaning include:

  • Headaches

  • Fatigue

  • Sore eyes

  • Worsening allergies or respiratory health conditions

  • Higher energy bills

  • Unusual flu-like symptoms

In extreme cases, indoor pollution can even cause fatal health effects—such as in cases of carbon monoxide poisoning. Professional cleaning is a simple service that can be completed by your local HVAC company. You'll rest happy with the peace of mind that comes from a clean system, not to mention the other added benefits.

What Should You Expect from Professional Air Duct Cleaning?

Our experienced professionals use a four-step process during every appointment to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction and comfort at all times. No matter what issue prompted you to request our attention, the whole process is always safe and clean. You never have to worry about other contaminants being added to your home or system when our HVAC professionals arrive at your home.

Step One: Inspection

Any experienced HVAC service provider will complete a thorough initial inspection before they start any kind of service, so that they gain a better understanding of which solutions will be most beneficial for your specific needs. It's through this process that you'll learn about the presence of any harmful contaminants, like asbestos or mold. Without this important first step, a service provider is more likely to cause harm to you or your property.

Step Two: Addressing All HVAC Issues

After the inspection process, your service professional will address and provide solutions for issues with any associated HVAC components, including:

  • Supply & return ducts

  • Heating & cooling coils

  • Diffusers & grilles

  • Drip pans

  • Fan housing & motors

  • Air handling unit housing

Step Three: Full Cleaning Process

After an initial inspection and quick solutions for any potential issues, the full process can begin. HVAC service professionals use specialized tools to dislodge dirt, dust, and other debris inside your system. We always make sure that components with fiberglass duct lining are protected and safe during this process by using tools that won't cause any harm. After all debris has been cleared, we use powerful vacuums and high-efficiency particulate air vacuums to completely clear ducts of dust and other pollutants.

Step Four: Quality Check

After the process is complete, we always perform another full check to confirm that your system was not damaged in any way and all access holes we may have used are properly resealed. This final check ensures that your HVAC system has been properly cleared and no loose debris or other particles will spread throughout your home after we're gone.

Cleaning Checklist

Use this checklist any time that an HVAC professional visits your home to complete this service. By checking for all the following issues, you can be sure that your service was properly completed by an experienced professional. Don't wait for lingering issues to appear before performing your own inspection.

  • Was your entire system cleaned, including coils, fans, drain pans, and humidifiers?

  • Are you still able to run the system?

  • Is interior ductwork free of visible debris?

  • If your system is made of fiberglass, does the material have any tears or damage?

  • Are all access doors properly attached?

  • Is the blower compartment free of debris?

  • Will a light pass through the cooling coil to the other side?

  • Are your coil fins straight, or do they look bent?

  • Is the drain pan working properly?

  • Is the heat exchanger clean?

  • Did your HVAC service provider walk you through your final results?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Duct Contamination?

There are at least four factors that may reduce your air flow and negatively impact air duct efficiency or your health. Without an effective solution, these negative effects will continue to be a problem throughout any indoor environment. Reduced efficiency will increase energy costs. Contaminants will reduce comfort and irritate existing respiratory issues. All of those problems can be caused by just one of four common contaminants:

  • Mold contamination

  • Dust buildup

  • Dirt contamination

  • Pet dander

How Much Does Duct Cleaning Cost?

Even for typical houses, it's difficult to generalize about cost for this kind of service. There are several factors that can affect costs depending on which professional company you choose. Aire Serv's upfront prices are created to keep you protected from hidden costs and surprise fees. We'd love to chat more about your situation to provide a more specific answer.

Some factors that affect price are:

  • The size of air duct systems

  • System accessibility

  • Weather & region

  • Level of contamination

How Often Should You Get Duct System Cleaning?

Most professional agencies, such as the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), recommend that residential and commercial property owners with average HVAC systems get a thorough cleaning at least every three to five years. We abide by that recommendation when it comes to our services.

Why Choose Aire Serv of Dallas For Effective Air Duct Cleaning?

In addition to our upfront pricing and safe, worry-free experiences, you can rely on our courteous, friendly professionals to turn your property into a safer environment than it was before. Your comfort and safety are our priority. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

For immediate assistance or a convenient appointment, call us at 972-992-5648 or request an appointment online.

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