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Brrr! Dallas isn't exactly known for chilly winter weather, so we tend to focus on keeping our much-loved air conditioners running smoothly since we rely on them for most of the year to keep our homes at a comfortable, livable temperature. But when those cold winds are blowing and the thermometer dips down below 30 degrees, it is critically important to have a reliable system that can keep your house warm and cozy. Dallas heat pumps are a great option for many local homes.

Most people think that they need a furnace or boiler to cover the colder months, but there is an alternative option that may be even better suited to Dallas homes: a heat pump. Despite its name, this type of HVAC system is actually capable of both heating and cooling. It can replace or supplement your air conditioner and furnace and increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Whether you already have a heat pump and need repairs, maintenance, or replacement, or you are thinking of having one installed, you can rely on the skilled team of service professionals at Aire Serv of Dallas for trustworthy Dallas heat pump services.

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Do You Need Dallas Heat Pump Service? Here's How to Tell:

Not sure if your heat pump is due (or overdue) for professional service such as maintenance, repair, or replacement? If you know the signs that something isn't right, you can get the problem taken care of before it spirals into a bigger, more costly issue, or worse, leaves you without any warmth in January—or without any cooling in August.

Many common Dallas heat pump problems are caused by a faulty thermostat, condenser failure, or issues with the ductwork. Here are some of the warning signs that indicate you need heat pump service in your Dallas home or commercial property:

Increased Energy Costs

Nobody wants to spend any more than what is absolutely necessary on their utility bill, but that is exactly what happens when your HVAC system is not operating at peak efficiency. Your HVAC system is almost certainly the biggest expense on your utility bill, even with an energy efficient performance system such as a heat pump installed. If you notice your energy costs are increasing and you are not sure why, the likely culprit is a faulty HVAC system in need of repairs, or just routine Dallas heater repair.

Insufficient Heating or Cooling

If your HVAC system is blowing air but can't get your house to the desired temperature you have set on the thermostat, or it isn't producing any air at all, it is definitely time for help from a Dallas service professional. This could be related to a simple issue such as a broken thermostat, or a more serious problem such as faulty installation.

Excessive Noise

When your heat pump is operating in your home, all you should hear is a quiet humming noise at most. If it is making rattling, banging, groaning, grinding, or other strange mechanical noises, something is wrong and it needs professional attention.

Unpleasant Odors

Your HVAC system should not be producing any smells, unpleasant or otherwise. If you smell musty or rotting smells, you could have mold inside the ducts. That’s a potentially unsanitary issue that can create a health hazard.

If you smell any kind of burning odor coming from ducts, turn your equipment off immediately and do not turn it back on until a professional has given the all-clear, because that smell is likely being caused by an electrical fault that could result in a fire.

Constant Cycling

Short cycling is a term for when your pump turns on, runs for a short time, turns off, and then repeats that cycle over and over again. It can be caused by a malfunctioning component, a problem with the thermostat, or another issue. It may not seem like a big deal, but it causes a lot of extra wear and tear on the system, and increases your energy costs.

Professional Heat Pump Service in Dallas, TX

Whether it's the hottest day of the summer, the coldest day of the winter, or any of the days in between, you need your HVAC system to work perfectly and keep your home comfortable all year round. If that isn't happening, just give us a call!

At Aire Serv of Dallas, we offer a full range of Dallas heat pump services. Our dependable team will get your system maintained, repaired, replaced, or installed correctly and efficiently.

Replacement & Installation

If your existing system has suffered widespread damage or an expensive component such as the compressor coil or evaporator coil is broken beyond repair, you need heat pump replacement—and if you don't have a heat pump at all, you need installation!

If you are currently looking at replacing a package system that combines a furnace and air conditioner in one unit, consider opting for an energy efficient heat pump instead to cover your heating and cooling needs, and save money on your utility bill.


Some problems with Dallas HVAC units don't require full system replacement. One of the main causes of trouble actually has nothing to do with the HVAC system and everything to do with a malfunctioning thermostat, which can simply be reprogrammed or replaced. You may also need Dallas heat pump repair services for a host of other smaller issues that are making your system less efficient.


Getting an annual Dallas heat pump tune-up is a great way to keep your system in excellent condition so you can avoid repairs and replacement for longer—and keep your HVAC at maximum efficiency to save money.

Our Dallas heat pump maintenance checklist includes tasks such as checking for and repairing duct leakage, changing out filters, cleaning dirty coils, straightening bent fins, and everything else that needs to be done to ensure your system is running safely and effectively.

Why Choose Aire Serv of Dallas for Heat Pump Service?

When you need home services, the last thing you want is someone who is going to come in and try to cut corners with a Band-Aid fix that looks good at first, but quickly breaks down and causes you even more stress and expense. With Aire Serv of Dallas, you never have to worry about that happening.

Our experienced team of service professionals has the expertise and training to find and implement inspired comfort solutions that will keep your house at the ideal temperature all year round, from Dallas heat pump repairs and maintenance to replacement and installation.

Anytime Service

There are few things worse than experiencing a malfunction with your heat pump—and then realizing it's after business hours and you can't get professional help. That's not a concern when you have Aire Serv on speed dial, because we offer 24/7 emergency HVAC services to get your HVAC system back up and running any time of the day or night, including holidays. Whenever you need us, we'll be there!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We take great pride in offering expert HVAC service to the residents and business owners of Dallas. Because we are so confident that our service professionals will deliver quality workmanship, we back them with a guarantee called the Done Right Promise: if it's not done right, we'll make it right!

Frequently Asked Questions About Dallas Heat Pump Service

If you want to know more about our Dallas heat pump service or have questions about HVAC in general for your home in Dallas or the surrounding areas, give us a call to chat with our friendly customer service representatives and get all your questions answered quickly and easily. We have answers to all your questions about Dallas HVAC service.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Heat Pump in Dallas?

There are some big advantages to choosing a heat pump over another type of HVAC system in Dallas, including:

  • Better energy efficiency and energy cost savings. Even though they use electricity, heat pumps have a higher coefficient of performance (COP) rating than gas, propane, and electric furnaces or air conditioners.
  • More environmentally friendly. By using less energy than other types of systems, they are less of a drain on resources and therefore less of a strain on the environment.
  • Pumps provide both warming and cooling in one convenient package and can operate on a central ductwork system or without ducts.
  • They don't use combustion, so they are safer than gas-powered furnaces and don't create a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Heat pumps are durable and long-lasting, which means you can squeeze more years of service out of them with regular maintenance.

What Are the Options for Dallas Heat Pump Installation?

Heat pumps operate by transferring energy from a cool space to a warm space. When you need your house to be cool, it transfers warmth from inside to outside. When you need your house to be warmer, the process is reversed and the system transfers warmth from outside to inside. There are three main types to choose from when you are getting a replacement or a new installation.

Air-Source: This is by far the most common type of heat pump, and it transfers warmth between your house and the air outside. It can be connected to a central ductwork system, but if your home does not have ductwork installed, an air-source ductless mini-split system is also an option.

Geothermal: This type is more costly to install, but is very reliable and a lot more efficient, so it will save you money on HVAC costs over time. Instead of transferring warmth from the air outside, a geothermal heat pump transfers warmth from the ground or a nearby water source.

Absorption: Relatively new on the residential HVAC scene, absorption pumps transfer warmth from an energy source and are usually gas-powered.

How Long Does a Heat Pump Last in Dallas?

The lifespan of your system can vary quite a lot, based on factors such as how often it is used and how much maintenance it gets. You can generally expect your system to last around 12 to 15 years in Dallas, though unexpected issues or external damage can cause it to give up before its time.

An annual maintenance tune-up will go a long way towards extending the service you can get out of it before replacement is required. Routine maintenance increases efficiency and reduces wear and tear, but it also gives your HVAC service professional the opportunity to notice and correct potential problems before they have the chance to make your home less comfortable.

Our Home is Not Warm or Cool Enough, Do We Need a Bigger Heat Pump?

Most of the time when a situation like this occurs, the size of the unit is not the problem. That is because the heat pump should already be matched to the size of the ductwork, so having a larger one installed with the same ductwork won't help.

The problem may be related to ductwork that was too small to begin with, faulty installation, or a system that is underperforming because of some kind of malfunction. Our service professionals will be able to assess your system, figure out what is causing the problem, and correct it so you can get adequate airflow for the size of your house.

Trust Your Local HVAC Experts at Aire Serv of Dallas to Handle Dallas Heat Pump Service!

Whether you are in Dallas or a nearby community such as Allen, Plano, or Murphy, you can count on the experienced service professionals at Aire Serv of Dallas for excellent workmanship and customer care that goes above and beyond. We provide a wide range of services, including residential Dallas heat pump repairs, air conditioner repairs, and much more!

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