HVAC Services in Las Colinas, TX

Do you need a heating and cooling expert in Las Colinas, TX? Maybe your AC unit's refrigerant levels are low, or your furnace's pilot light won't turn. Whatever HVAC issue you have, our expert service professionals have the skills for the job.

When you hire the team at Aire Serv of Dallas, you can have peace of mind knowing we will always put you and your family's needs first. When having problems with their HVAC, Las Colinas residents become frustrated—especially when they're relying on their system to keep them safe and comfortable in this hot climate. Our experienced service professionals can efficiently fix your HVAC concerns without compromising our superb work quality. Since each of our technicians possesses years of experience and is highly trained, we can handle a wide range of services, including Las Colinas HVAC repairs, maintenance, and installation jobs.

Our company also provides unparalleled customer service. We know having a lack of heat in the cold or no air conditioning during a sweltering Texan summer is uncomfortable—and possibly even dangerous. That's why your local Las Colinas HVAC service professionals always do our best to put you and your family at ease during such a stressful time. From the moment you call our friendly office staff to when our technicians leave your home, our team will listen to you, answer any questions and ensure you're satisfied with our work. We value customer relationships and truly care about our community.

We are a locally-owned business that values honesty, integrity, and professional service. We go above and beyond to earn our clients' trust with every job. We're available 24/7 for emergencies and will always treat you and your home with respect. When you welcome one of our experts into your home, you can rest easy knowing that we'll take care of your HVAC. Las Colinas homes have never felt more comfortable.

Outdoor AC Units

Air Conditioning Services in Las Colinas, TX

A properly functioning AC unit not only makes hot Texan days comfortable but also creates a safe environment for elderly relatives, small children, and pets. When your air conditioner systems break down in Las Colinas, the interior temperature of your home can become very uncomfortable. Not to mention, vulnerable family members might rely on staying out of the heat. When your AC is on the fritz, your local Las Colinas HVAC experts can help. We have the proper equipment and skills to complete a range of air conditioning repair and maintenance tasks, including:

  • Replacing worn fan belts
  • Fixing an AC unit that won’t turn on
  • Repairing leaking refrigerant
  • Fixing frozen evaporator coils
  • Topping up refrigerants
  • Replacing defective fan motors
  • Replacing defective compressors
  • Unclogging condensate drains

The best way to prevent any issues and keep everyone safe is to schedule your yearly AC maintenance and inspection services. Otherwise, you might encounter warning signs which could quickly lead to a breakdown during the high season.

Why Is My AC Unit Blowing Warm Air?

If your AC unit is turned on and you've given it a few minutes, but it continues to blow warm air instead of cooling down, there's obviously a problem that calls for professional Las Colinas HVAC repair assistance. This issue is often the result of a faulty compressor or evaporator coil. These two critical components of your system are what converts refrigerant from a liquid to a gaseous state and back again, which causes thermal energy to move from a cool place (the inside of your house) to a warmer place (outdoors) in a reversal of the natural heat transfer process. The compressor and evaporator are costly and difficult to replace parts, so it's sometimes more cost-effective to replace the entire unit than attempt repairs. Our service professionals will be able to assess and diagnose your system to come up with an educated recommendation on the best course of action.

Is a Leaking Air Conditioner Dangerous?

We need to find out what is exactly leaking. Water leaks aren't dangerous, though they do indicate an underlying issue that calls for air conditioner repair by a qualified Las Colinas HVAC professional. Refrigerant leaks, on the other hand, can pose a risk of harm. Liquid refrigerant is a toxic substance that easily evaporates into a gas and can cause serious health issues such as nausea, skin irritation, or asphyxiation. If you suspect a refrigerant leak, open windows in that room for ventilation, get all people and pets out of the room, and give us a call right away to come out and deal with it.

Las Colinas Heater Repair

When you need furnace repair in the middle of a chilly Texan winter, our team of Las Colinas HVAC professionals will do their best to ensure your heater is fixed correctly and efficiently; that’s why our team is available 24/7 for emergency services. When you search for “HVAC near me,” we assure you that our professionals are highly trained and exceptionally skilled at repairing furnaces. We understand that your furnace not only heats your home but also contributes to your air quality and ventilation, so we’re here to meet all your needs for heater maintenance and repair. A few common furnace repairs we can complete include:

  • Establishing why a furnace won’t turn on
  • Fixing a failed motor
  • Repairing a burner that won’t ignite
  • Fixing burners that won’t stay lit
  • Troubleshooting issues with the run capacitor or motor
  • Replacing clogged air filters

Common Problems That Require Las Colinas HVAC Service for Heating Repair

Wondering what has gone wrong with your heating system that necessitated calling for HVAC repair in Las Colinas, TX? Here are some of the typical problems you might experience with your HVAC. Las Colinas homeowners, who have missed their annual inspection and maintenance, often fall victim to these:

  • Malfunctioning Thermostat: The thermostat sends signals to your HVAC system telling it when to turn on and off so it can achieve the temperature you've programmed in. When the thermostat itself isn't working, it can cause all sorts of strange and frustrating problems, but we can get everything back in working order quickly and easily with a simple thermostat replacement.
  • Dirty Air Filter: If there's excessive dust in your house even though you clean regularly, a dirty air filtration system could be to blame. They need to be replaced every three to 12 months depending on the thickness of the filter.
  • Pilot Light is Out: Pilot lights sometimes get blown out by a gust of air and can easily be relit. But if you find that it's going out frequently for no obvious reason, there's a deeper issue that should be checked out by a Las Colinas HVAC service provider.
  • Blower Fan is Always On: If you can hear your unit's blower fan running constantly, that's not normal. It's likely happening because of a broken limit switch, but it could also be an issue with the motor housing or blower motor lubrication ports.
  • Air Leaks in Ducts: Do you have hot and cold zones in your house, or just a house that never seems to get warm enough no matter how high you turn the thermostat? This could be related to leaking ductwork, which makes your home less comfortable and wastes energy, driving up the fuel costs on your monthly utility bills.
  • Yellow Burner Flame: When your gas-powered heating unit fires up, take a good look at the burner flame. It should be mostly blue. If it's mostly yellow, that indicates the burner is dirty and needs a good professional cleaning before it compromises the efficiency of your system.

Las Colinas HVAC Systems Installation

Do you need a qualified HVAC service professional to install a new heating or cooling system? Our business has helped countless families with air conditioner installation or heater replacement across Las Colinas—including Irving and Dallas.

Types of Systems Available for Las Colinas HVAC Installation

From installing a new thermostat that properly monitors indoor climate control to installing a new furnace that will make your Las Colinas home more energy-efficient, our technicians can replace and install a variety of HVAC systems, such as:

  • Heating and Air Conditioning Split Systems: These HVAC systems have two separate units for heating and cooling that use the same central ductwork.
  • Packaged Heating and Air Conditioning: Packaged systems also use central ductwork, but the HVAC functions are combined in a single unit.
  • Ductless Mini-Splits: These systems eliminate the need for ductwork in houses that don't already have it installed. An outdoor compressor is connected to multiple smaller evaporator units in different rooms.
  • Heat Pumps: This type of system uses the coolant cycle to provide both heating and cooling, depending on the mode it is set to.
  • Evaporative Coolers: Also called swamp coolers, these systems cool through evaporation and are most effective in dry, arid climates. Because of the humidity levels we experience in Las Colinas, TX, an evaporative cooler isn't the best choice for this climate.

Las Colinas Air Conditioning Maintenance

Our maintenance technicians offer comprehensive AC upkeep to homeowners throughout Las Colinas, Irving, and Dallas that will help prevent emergencies as well as costly and time-consuming air conditioning repairs in the future. During a thorough air conditioning inspection, our heating and cooling repair experts will clean your AC unit and look for any causes of wear and tear. If we spot a problem with your central air system, we'll notify you right away so that it can be addressed before any further work is needed later on.

Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance in Las Colinas, TX

There are some major benefits to getting professional, regular maintenance services for your HVAC. Las Colinas property owners will experience:

  • More Energy Savings: As your air conditioner slowly deteriorates over time, it needs more and more fuel to provide the same amount of cooling. Naturally, that increased fuel consumption raises the energy costs on your monthly utility bills. Our team of Las Colinas HVAC maintenance experts can increase your energy savings over time by keeping your air conditioning system in great shape, so it is able to operate efficiently.
  • Better Air Quality: Your air conditioning system includes filters that improve the quality of air that is blown through your ductwork, but without routine maintenance such as changing the filter and cleaning ducts, it can actually worsen your air quality. We'll make sure everything is clean and fully functional so you can breathe easily.
  • Less Wear-and-Tear: As your system ages, gets dirty, and suffers from issues caused by deterioration, wear-and-tear damage accelerates. When scheduling regular maintenance services for the HVAC, Las Colinas homeowners will get peace of mind knowing their system will remain in good condition. We will help you avoid repair and replacement for longer.

Heating Maintenance

A furnace that is working properly means lower utility bills and improved indoor air quality—evading frustrating breakdowns in the future. During one of the full-service HVAC system inspections, you can rest easy knowing that our certified technician's service will be outstanding. We'll clean your furnace from top to bottom while also troubleshooting any possible problem areas or underlying issues. This way, our HVAC contractors will catch any possible problems before they require costly furnace repairs or replacements. During one of our furnace inspections, we keep the following in mind to keep your Las Colinas home safe:

  • Is your furnace still operating safely?
  • What is the age of your furnace, and is it time for a replacement?
  • How frequently has your furnace been repaired in the past?
  • How efficient is your furnace?
  • Does your furnace make your home more or less comfortable?
  • If repairs are needed, will it be more cost-effective to repair or replace your furnace?

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