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Your heater is what keeps your family warm during the winter months, ensuring your Dallas home is always cozy and safe. There’s nothing worse than having your heater breaking down in the middle of the night—or during a holiday—and worrying about the well-being of your family because of the cold and wondering which Dallas HVAC company will be available to help.

That’s where Aire Serv of Dallas comes in. Our expert HVAC technicians are available 24/7 for your heater repair emergency. With our company, you can rest assured that your heater will be repaired quickly and efficiently. We are so confident that you will be happy with our Dallas heater repair service that we offer all of our customers our Fixed Right Guarantee.

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Signs that You Need Heater Repair Services in Dallas

Sometimes your heater repair needs are an emergency—like the heat just went out and you elderly parents are visiting you for the weekend. Other times, there are telltale signs that indicate your heater needs repairing:

  • Increased heating bills. Have your energy bills increased recently? This could be because your heater is not working properly. If there is something wrong with the heater, often it has to work harder to warm up your home. This costs more energy.
  • Heater is running consistently. If the heater is running consistently, then there is likely a problem. Your heater should only run as long as it needs to until it reaches the temperature set by your thermostat. If it keeps running, it’s likely there is an issue with your heating system.
  • Furnace is more than 15 years old. Furnaces can last up to 20 years, but most furnaces tend to start breaking down after 15. If you have an older furnace, it’s likely you’ll require more repairs.
  • Gas burner flame is yellow. Gas burner flames glow blue when the ratio of fuel to air is correct. If the flame is yellow, the burner is not getting enough air to combust the gas.
  • Strange noises are coming from the heater. There are a variety of reasons why your furnace might start making strange noises—and none of them are good. If you hear your furnace making grinding, popping or screeching noises, be sure to call our expert Dallas heater repair technicians right away.

Common Heater Repairs in Dallas, TX

While proper maintenance and cleaning services can help boost the lifespan of your heating system, there are a few common heater repairs that you may need to address over time:

  • The pilot light has gone out. If your pilot light has gone out, it could have been a draft in your home or a serious reason such as: faulty venting, low gas pressure, broken gas valves, thermocouples, or heat exchangers. Should your pilot light go out, it’s very important to call the professionals at Aire Serv of Dallas for help.
  • The motor has overheated. The blower motor in your heating system is responsible for moving hot air throughout your home. If it has overheated, you will hear a loud humming noise or smell a burning odor. These are likely indicators that the blower motor has overheated and will need replacing or repairing.
  • The burner does not ignite. If your burner won’t ignite, it’s likely that the sensor is dirty. One of our expert heater repair service technicians will be able to help you safely remove, clean, and reinstall a dirty igniter.
  • The furnace will not turn on. If your furnace will not turn on, the issue with your heating system could be found in your circuit breaker or in the thermostat. Ensure all breaker switches for your HVAC system are turned on and that your thermostat is working.
  • The thermostat is not working. If you’re having problems with a broken thermostat, it’s likely the device will need to be replaced. Our pro team can efficiently replace your damaged thermostat to get your heating system working correctly.

Why Choose Aire Serv For Your Dallas Heater Repair?

At Aire Serv of Dallas, our team truly cares that our customers feel safe and comfortable in their homes—while also breathing clean and healthy air. We are committed to putting our customers first while giving you excellent HVAC repair and maintenance services. Our company prides itself going the distance to solve all our clients’ Dallas heater repair concerns.

When you hire the team at Aire Serv of Dallas, you can rest assured knowing our team will treat you and your family with respect. From the moment you call our friendly administrative staff, through the process of fixing your damaged heater to when our technicians clean up the job and leave your home, we will act professionally and with courtesy. We do our best to help your family feel as little stress as possible while we take care of your heating system. While conducting a heater repair service, we will also look for underlying issues with your heating system. This will help prevent the need for future repairs.

Should your heater repair needs be an emergency—after all, no one wants to be without warmth during the chilly Dallas winter nights—our technicians are available 24/7 and we never charge for overtime. Having your heating system malfunction in the middle of the night is enough to deal with—we’d never want to make the experience worse by overcharging you. We also offer flexible payment plans to help give you peace of mind.

Our team is honored to bring their expertise to communities across Dallas. We’ve served the communities of Bluffview, Lake Highlands, Lakewood, Lochwood, Lower Greenville and Preston Hollow—to name a few.

When you trust the professionals at Aire Serv of Dallas, you can rest assured knowing each of our HVAC technicians are trained experts. We’re so confident that you will be happy with our services that we offer all our clients our Fixed Right Promise. In the unlikely event you are not happy with your service, then our heater repair experts will fix the problem at no additional cost within 60 days of the initial repair.

Heater Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about heater repair services in Dallas? Continue reading to see if we answer your questions here. If not, our friendly staff is available to answer your questions by phone or by requesting an appointment online.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix My Heater?

At Aire Serv of Dallas, we charge based upon the job—not an hourly fee. This way you know you are getting the best service possible without having to worry about surprise costs when we present you with the bill. We offer upfront pricing to each of our customers. To inquire about cost, give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

What Do You Do if Your Heat Isn’t Working?

If your heating system is not working, first check if it has been turned on. To do this, ensure all the HVAC switches on your breaker are on. Next, check to make sure your thermostat is turned on and set to your desired temperature.

If neither of these solutions turns on your heating system, then you will need to get in touch with a professional HVAC service. Our professional team will be able to diagnose the problem and offer a solution for your heater repair needs.

How Often Should You Replace Your Heating System?

Replacing your heating system depends on a few things:

  • The age of your furnace. Your furnace is an integral part of your heating system. Generally, furnaces are built to last between 15 and 20 years. However, if your furnace has started to malfunction and it is near the end of its lifetime—after 16 years of age—it may be wiser to replace your furnace entirely. A good rule of thumb is that if your furnace is nearing the end of its life and you have had to repair it multiple times over two years, then it’s time to get a new furnace.
  • The age of your thermostat. While thermostats don’t have a set lifespan like your furnace does, typically your thermostat will last 10 years. After a decade, the thermostat may start having problems. This is likely due to old wiring or dust accumulation.
  • Whether the cost to repair or replace your system is more effective. When debating if you should replace your heating system, it’s important to consider the costs of repairing it instead. If you have a brand-new heater with minor repairs required, it doesn’t make sense to replace the system. However, if your heating system has significant damage, then it might be more cost effective to get a new heater.

Are you unsure how old your furnace is? Look for the manufacturer serial number on the inside of the furnace cover. Then, give our helpful team a call and we can provide the manufacturing date.

How Do I Maintain My Heating System?

To ensure your heater lasts as long as possible, the best practice is to schedule annual professional maintenance and cleaning services.

During a maintenance and cleaning service with our Dallas team, we clean the entire system from top to bottom. As we clean your heating system, we’ll also inspect each part of your furnace to ensure every part is working correctly and safely—and that your family is breathing quality air.

There are a few DIY maintenance tips for your heating system that will help it function properly and reduce the need for costly repairs or replacements. Before undertaking any DIY heater maintenance, turn off your power while removing your furnace doors.

  • Inspect the burner flames. Once you have carefully removed the combustion chamber door and burner cover, turn the power on and take a look at your burner flames. They should be blue. If the flames are yellow, the burner is not getting enough air. Be careful not to breathe on the flame.
  • Vacuum and brush the blower blades. Ensure the power is turned off. Then, carefully clean the blower blades with a vacuum and small brush. Be very gentle so as not to disturb the counterweights on the blower fan blades. If you are not confident completing this maintenance task alone, call our experts for help.
  • Change the furnace filter. This heater repair maintenance task should be completed at least four times a year by you or a trained professional. Simply swap out the dirty air filter with a new one.
  • Clean the flame sensor. From time to time, the flame sensor will become coated in residue and this will prevent your furnace from lighting. With the power off, carefully pull the ignitor out of its bracket. Gently clean it with an emery cloth and then replace it back into its bracket.
  • Keep the area around your central heating system clear of debris. Often your heater will be located in a storage room within your basement. While it may be tempting to also hide boxes of old clothes, books or decorations next to the furnace, this is not advised. Cluttering up the area around your furnace is a fire hazard and should always be avoided.

How to Find a Trusted Furnace Repair Service Near Me?

If you’re looking for HVAC technicians that you can trust in the Dallas area, then look no further! Each of the heater repair professionals from our Aire Serv locations can expertly handle any damage in your heating system. We are also dedicated to earning your trust and your business by delivering excellent customer service. We are passionate about providing our HVAC repair and replacement services to the Dallas community.

But, you don’t have to take it from us. Check out our customer testimonials to see what our other clients think about our HVAC repair and replacement services.

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