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Residential AC Installation & Repair Services

If your air conditioner malfunctions on a hot day, you can trust our team of professionals to keep you cool. Aire Serv of the Front Range offers air conditioner repair and replacement services in Broomfield, CO. Our knowledgeable team will quickly find the issue and offer an effective solution. We perform air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair services. Reach out to us today if your air conditioner isn't working properly.

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Signs of a Failing Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are an essential appliance for many households and offices, especially during the hot summer months. They help to regulate the temperature and keep our homes comfortable. Like any other machine, air conditioners can malfunction or break down over time. It's important to know the signs that indicate you need air conditioner repairs, including:

  • No cool air coming from the unit
  • No power
  • Strange noises
  • Water dripping or pooling around your unit
  • Unusual or foul odors
  • Poor airflow
  • Turns on and off randomly
  • Warm air exiting supply registers

What's Wrong With My AC?

 When your air conditioner fails to keep your home cool, don't sweat it. We're here to help you diagnose the problems and find the most reliable air conditioner repair solutions. There are several common reasons why your AC might not be working properly:

Loss of Power

If your air conditioner is not receiving any power, we will carefully inspect for tripped breakers, faulty wiring, or an overheated system. We can effectively address the issue by repairing the wiring, resetting the circuit breaker, and ensuring optimal airflow by removing any obstructions.

Worn-out Fan Belt

If you hear squealing sounds coming from your AC unit, it could indicate a worn-out fan belt. It's important to inspect your AC unit regularly to identify any signs of wear and tear on the fan belt.

Refrigerant Leak

A distinct hissing sound often accompanies a refrigerant leak. Aside from reducing your unit's efficiency, refrigerant leaks are harmful to the environment.

Faulty Fan Motor

If your AC's fan is not properly circulating air, there may be a need for a fan motor replacement. Our experts will thoroughly inspect the fan motor to determine whether it can be repaired or if a replacement is necessary.

Clogged Condensate Drain

Dirt and debris can easily clog your condensate drain, causing inconvenience and potential damage. Our dedicated service professionals have the expertise to address this issue by flushing your system and applying an algaecide to prevent future clogs.

Malfunctioning Compressor

If the air still feels uncomfortable despite your AC unit running, it could be a sign of a defective compressor. The compressor is one of an AC system's most crucial and expensive components.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

There are multiple reasons why evaporator coils can freeze, resulting in warm airflow from the air supply registers. If you ever encounter a frozen evaporator coil, simply turn off your AC unit and contact our team for the necessary repairs.

AC Repair vs. Replacement

Our service professionals will assess your damage to determine if you need an AC repair or replacement. If your air conditioning unit is over ten years old, we may recommend a new one. When your repair costs become over half the cost of a new unit, it's time for an AC replacement. It's important to note that most newer air conditioner models are energy-efficient and more durable than older units. We can recommend the best choice for your cooling needs. If you need emergency HVAC repairs, contact us immediately for fast services.

Contact Us for Air Conditioning Services

Aire Serv of the Front Range is here for all your HVAC needs in Broomfield and Erie. We offer air conditioner preventative maintenance services to enhance the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. Our regular AC inspections help find issues before they become costly problems. Our team understands the frustration of a malfunctioning air conditioner on a hot day. You can count on us to offer services and estimates to keep you cool. We guarantee our work to ensure you aren't stuck in the heat. Contact us today to schedule air conditioner repair or replacement services.

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