How to Tell If Your Ductwork Was Cleaned Correctly

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Keeping your ductwork cleaned properly sounds like a tedious undertaking, but not when you have professional HVAC specialists on your side. Our team at Aire Serv of Jackson is dedicated to providing the highest quality service possible for local residents and business owners.

Still, all professionals don’t perform work as thoroughly as we do, so you have to know what to look for in duct cleaning. Because some businesses are just out to make a quick buck, you’ll have technicians that won’t perform a detailed duct cleaning. As a result, you’ll pay between $200 and $400 for services that aren’t rendered properly, leaving you with semi-dirty ducts.

We want to help you avoid this situation by providing tips that help you identify if ductwork has been completed correctly and to your high standards.

Common Contaminants You Might Find in Your Ductwork

Everything from pet dander to mold can set up shop in your ductwork without your knowledge. This may be why you or someone you love experiences cold-like symptoms that won’t go away. According to the CDC, indoor air pollutants fall into two categories: chemical and biological pollutants. These contaminants can live happily inside your air ducts if they aren’t cleaned every 2 to 3 years.

Animal Dander

Considered a biological pollutant, animal dander is prominent in homes with various pets with hair that sheds throughout the year. Dander can find its way into your air ducts and circulate throughout your home and duct system. You may have pet hair lodged inside ducts, and the only way to remove it is to have a professional manually clean and disinfect ducts.


For homes with frequent smokers, nicotine is a chemical pollutant that can travel through air vents and filter into every room in your home. This contaminant is continuously pulled into your duct system, recirculating and potentially causing inhabitants to experience difficulty breathing and other health issues.

A duct system in a smoker’s home may be slightly discolored and stained. Our Jackson professionals use eco-friendly and effective disinfectants to remove stains and potentially eliminate nicotine odors for fresher air.


With spring and summer come blooming flowers and foliage that release pollen to continue the circle of plant life. Unfortunately, pollen can find its way inside your air ducts, causing individuals living with allergies to suffer even more. Pollen spores can attach to the inside of your ductwork and get caught in air filters. Health issues can follow if spores are left in your system unaddressed.


HVAC systems can unintentionally collect various contaminants, creating the perfect environment for germs and bacteria to thrive. The only way to eliminate germs and bacteria in your ductwork is to have a professional disinfect it thoroughly. This won’t necessarily keep bacteria from returning, but it can be a major deterrent.


With the right humidity, moisture, and microbes, mold is bound to grow and continue spreading. Your duct system can provide the perfect environment for mold contamination because so many pollutants circulate regularly. Mold, unfortunately, requires professional remediation. Without the appropriate products and skill, you could spread mold inside ducts instead of removing it.

4 Ways to Ensure Your Ductwork is Properly Cleaned and Sanitized

1. An Inspection Should Have Been Performed

Before any cleaning can commence, a heating and cooling professional in Jackson should perform an inspection to understand the situation. Duct cleaning companies that just jump right into cleaning aren’t concerned with customizing your services to fit your home. They’re just worried about collecting payment.

Aire Serv of Jackson will perform a comprehensive inspection of your ductwork, going so far as to show you the specific issues that need to be addressed. We won’t make any assumptions about your ducts. We’ll know firsthand what needs to be done and communicate that with you.

2. Cleaning Should Take Longer Than an Hour

Duct cleaning is a detailed process that involves more than a quick visual assessment and running a vacuum over air returns and vents. Of course, professional duct cleaning specialists will want to remove any dust and dirt in those components, but that won’t be the extent of their cleaning. Professional duct cleaning takes at least an hour and a half to two hours to ensure everything is cleaned and disinfected precisely.

Our Jackson HVAC system experts will never rush through the process because the alternative is an unsafe and unsanitary space for you and your loved ones. We’re not willing to risk your health and safety by skipping vital steps or speeding through proper procedures.

3. No Dust Should Be Circulating

A misconception about duct cleaning is that you’ll instantly see a difference in your home. You may notice fewer dust particles in the air, but symptoms brought on by pollutants may take days or weeks to subside.

If a duct cleaning specialist tells you you’ll see immediate results in indoor air quality, they’re not telling you the whole truth. Our Jackson heating and cooling pros are always open and honest with your service. You’ll get exceptional support with straightforward answers every time.

4. Ensure You Get Proof of Clean Ducts

We hate to say it, but some companies are so focused on their bottom line that they’ll sacrifice quality support just to get you to overpay for a lackluster job. You can’t always go off of what an HVAC professional says. Inquire to see the proof of a job well done. Many duct cleaning experts like ours will show real-time footage of the issues during a video inspection so you can see the before and after results.

Our duct cleaning and HVAC system specialists in Jackson put your safety and comfort first, ensuring you get top-quality solutions every time.

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