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Furnace Installation

If it is time to install a new furnace in your home, you’ve come to the right place. Furnaces have been the single-most popular heating system for a long time! How do you know when you should replace your furnace?

Here are a few telltale signs to know you need to replace your current heating unit:

  • Age – Most furnaces have a lifespan of around ten years. If you are approaching, or past, that mark, we recommend that you consider replacing your old unit.
  • Repair frequency – If you’ve continuously been scheduling technicians for repairs, you may be due for a replacement. Replacing your unit will most likely help your wallet in the long run!
  • Your energy bill – Has your energy bill been higher than usual recently? It may be because your furnace is no longer operating efficiently.
  • Comfort – If you’re experiencing uneven temperatures and rising bills, and your house doesn’t have the same warmth it used to, it is probably time for a new unit.

Furnace Maintenance

Furnaces require routine maintenance to ensure they work correctly, especially in times when you and your family rely on them to keep your home warm. Having a routine maintenance schedule maximizes your furnace’s performance, maintains efficiency, and ensures safety.

We recommend scheduling an annual furnace maintenance appointment before the beginning of the heating season. If it’s time, contact us. And be sure to check out our special offers for our current promotions!

Our Total Comfort Tune-Up includes:

  • Furnace components inspection
  • Professional deep cleaning of the unit
  • Professional adjustment of controls
  • Complete safety check for peace of mind

Emergency Furnace Services

In the unfortunate situation that your furnace breaks down during an ice storm, you will probably need emergency services. Aire Serv of Kalispell is more than happy to assist you during these dreaded scenarios. We are here to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We always have a team of live dispatchers to help get your issue resolved as soon as possible. Once we arrive, we’ll figure out what is wrong and get you up and running as soon as possible.

We are happy to give you prompt service in an emergency, and we do not charge extra for overtime, weekends, and holidays. We are always only one phone call away!

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The Health of Your Furnace

Bigfork gets an average of 55 inches of snow per year. Compared to the mere 28 inches the United States receives annually, this is a lot of snow. Additionally, the winter low comes in at a chilly 19 degrees in January. Since it gets this snowy and cold, it is vital to ensure your furnace is functioning correctly.

Here are more reasons why you must ensure your furnace is always working correctly during winter:

  • Efficiency
  • Lowering energy costs
  • Extending the life of the unit
  • Maintaining your manufacturer’s warranty
  • Keeping you and your family safe

You should always ensure that your furnace is working correctly before the winter months! You never want to be stuck without a way to heat your home on a 19-degree January night. Proper repairs on your furnace must be done to protect you and your family during these cold months.

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How Do I Know If My Furnace Needs Repair?

It is quite possible to use your furnace without knowing it requires a repair.

Here are some signs that will let you know you need a furnace repair:

  • Abnormal smells
  • Trouble turning it on
  • Discolored Pilot Light
  • Loss of heat
  • Constant noises
  • Poor air quality
  • Tripped-equipped carbon-monoxide detector

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