Duct Cleaning in Metairie And the Surrounding Areas

Have you noticed an uptick in monthly energy bills? Have you or those around you been sneezing or experiencing unusual flu-like symptoms? These are all signs that you could use residential or commercial duct cleaning! Your HVAC system uses a single branching duct system to distribute heated and cooled air throughout your home. When dirty pollutants circulate through our airflow, it can lead to increased health problems and abnormally high monthly bills. Aire Serv of Metairie is here to help. Our ductwork service includes thorough duct cleanings that will rid your ducts of clogged dirt, dust, animal droppings, and other particles. We are proud to bring fresh air to Metairie, Kenner, Elmwood, River Ridge, and the surrounding areas. 

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Why Are My Ducts Clogged?

Your ductwork can be expected to accumulate dirt, dust, and other particles over time. However, this increase in pollutants can clog your airflow, making your HVAC systems work twice as hard to generate warm and cool air for your home. This can often mean you are paying large amounts for inefficient heating and cooling. Not only do clogged ducts drain your wallet, but they can circulate harmful particles throughout your air. Symptoms such as headaches, flu, and nausea can become prevalent, which is dangerous for residents who are immunocompromised, elderly, or very young. Protect your health and lower your monthly spending rates by scheduling a duct cleaning with Aire Serv today.

What a Duct Cleaning Entails

When our professionals arrive for ductwork service, we will first inspect your ducts, checking for signs of concern or potential animal nests. Rats and other rodents tend to burrow within duct systems, so when we perform an inspection, we will keep a close eye out for any signs of critter activity. 

After we have approved the area for cleaning, we will use a negative-pressure vacuum to suck any debris out of your ducts, cleaning your airflow from pollution. We may also use revolving brushes and air-whipping tools to pick up any stubborn traces of dust and dirt. Once this has been completed, we will clean your HVAC systems and swap out or clean air filters if needed. We offer upfront prices before we begin a job and inform you about the measures we take to deliver quality ductwork service. Our service professionals are always happy to answer questions, allowing you to stay in the loop about your HVAC system.

How Often Should I Schedule An Appointment?

Duct cleanings should be performed about every three to five years, although certain factors can impact this estimate. If you have recently moved into a new home, live with a smoker, have pets who shed large amounts of fur, or have underlying health issues, you may want to schedule cleanings more frequently. When duct cleaning reveals problems such as cracks, tears, or loose parts, you can schedule further ductwork services such as air duct repair and replacement. Schedule an appointment with our professionals today and protect the air quality of your home! Our service professionals will be in and out in no time, leaving you with clean air ducts.

HVAC and Ductwork Services We Provide

Aire Serv of Metairie provides a wide array of HVAC assistance beyond ductwork services. For heating and cooling, indoor air quality, and other services, give us a call. Our service professionals are courteous, on time, and eager to be of help. We are here to improve your home’s comfort, giving you a sigh of relief after a job well done. 

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