PEE-EW! My House Stinks

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Have you ever walked into a house and thought to yourself, “what’s that smell?” To quote a Febreze ad, the homeowner may be “Nose blind”. If you’re faced with stale, musty air, we’re here to help you figure out where the smell might be coming from and how to get rid of it.

The musty smell could be coming from a combination of sources:

  • Leaky pipes
  • High humidity
  • Michigan basements
  • Cigarette & cigar smoke
  • Pet accidents

Moisture can lead to rampant mold growth. Long after the mold dies, its odor lingers, having permeated the carpet, curtains, and upholstery.

The odors could also be trapped in an antiquated HVAC system. Nasty, musty odors make can make their way into the home every time the furnace or air conditioning are turned on.


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To get at the root of the problem, you need to go even deeper and make some home upgrades.

  • Air out the house: Opening windows and doors can have a tremendous effect.

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  • Change the air filter: A clean air filter can do wonders for trapping airborne contaminants that house smells.
  • Clean the air ducts: It’s possible the ductwork in your home has never been cleaned. Professional air duct cleaning is an effective way to eliminate odors.

Dirty HVAC system

  • Update the HVAC system: Air duct cleaning isn’t always enough. Odors may be embedded in the HVAC equipment itself. For better efficiency and odor control, consider replacing the heating and air conditioning.
  • Repair leaks: Fixing the roof, sealing windows and doors, and replacing damaged pipes—can help prevent water leaks that leads to mold growth.

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  • Paint the walls: Paint with mold-resistant paint to seal the walls.

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  • Replace the carpet: Unless it was replaced recently, it probably smells musty and needs to go.

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  • Seal exposed dirt floor with concrete: If you have an unpaved area in the crawlspace, it could make the house smell musty after rain or earthy during hot, humid weather.

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More for information about tackling musty house smells, let Aire Serv Breathe.