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  • Dog's Face

    HELP! My House Stinks

    It could be time for a duct cleaning Your air ducts see a lot of traffic, especially during temperature extremes. But do they really need the kind of cleaning other surfaces in your home do? Your air ...
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  • Air vent clogged with dust

    Dirty Ducts are no big deal, right? WRONG!

    “Mom, I’ve been coughing a lot lately, and my nose is always runny.” Dirt and dust in your furnace and air ducts can have a serious impact on your family’s health. According to the Centers for Disease ...
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  • Space heater on hardwood floor

    Space Heater Safety & Your Family

    Winter weather has arrived and a lot of people are bringing their electric space heaters out of storage. Portable space heaters are effective at warming small areas quickly, but unfortunately, they ...
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  • Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips

    Cold Weather Carbon Monoxide Dangers

    Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning can be a swift and silent killer. Aire Serv is here to guide you through signs, symptoms, and common causes of carbon monoxide poisoning. What Causes Carbon Monoxide ...
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  • The Aire Serv Advantage Plan

    All of us at Aire Serv want to take the worry out of an unexpected heating or cooling problems. An Aire Serv Advantage Plan allows us to offer you a regular preventative schedule and offer priority ...
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  • Aire Serv-branded Valentine's Day banner

    Four Reasons to Love Your HVAC System

    Valentine’s Day is all about showing love to those who are always there for you, who never let you down and who can always make you feel better after a long, hard day. Sound like anyone you know? What ...
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  • Lightning storm at night

    Stormy Results Caused By Power Surges

    Thunderstorms can take their toll on your home heating and air conditioning system. The power surges that often accompany storms can destroy your HVAC system in the blink of an eye. While your heating ...
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  • House interior flooded with water

    Sump Pumps: Stop Watching Your Money Float Away

    “OMG! Not again! Honey, the basement’s flooded!” Since last week’s polar vortex and heavy snow, a lot of areas are seeing flooding due to a quick thaw and widespread rain. A lot of basements are ...
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  • Icicles on tree branches

    Cold Weather Checklist

    Dangerously cold weather has arrived. Are you finding out just how drafty your home really is? If yours is like the average home, the total amount of air leaks from top to bottom allows the same ...
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  • Is Out of Sight, Out of Mind Making You Sick?

    Day in, day out, little by little; the air you’re breathing is getting worse. The most overlooked area within most facilities is the ductwork for your heating and cooling system (HVAC). Dust, mold, ...
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