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HELP! My House Stinks

It could be time for a duct cleaning

Your air ducts see a lot of traffic, especially during temperature extremes. But do they really need the kind of cleaning other surfaces in your home do?

Your air ducts may need cleaning if you see these signs:

  • An air duct with permanent or long-term water damage.

  • Mold, mildew, slime, or other microbial growth.

  • Debris buildup that restricts air-flow.

  • Dust, cobwebs, or other debris visibly blowing from ductwork/registers.

  • Evidence of insect or rodent infestation.

  • Offensive odors from your ductwork or HVAC system.

  • Frequent bouts of illness or allergies among your family.

  • Fiberglass ductwork, which collects contaminants more easily than sheet metal.Clean and dirty air duct


Is cleaning my air ducts important?

During normal operation, dust can accumulate in ductwork that can lead to microbial growth. Duct cleaning has been shown to reduce this growth, as well as increase the efficiency of your system. In fact, in some cases of extreme buildup, it can increase efficiency as much as 40 percent!

How are air ducts cleaned?

Duct cleaning depends on the extent of buildup in your ducts. A trained technician will inspect each air duct, opening all access panels. Once it is determined cleaning is necessary, equipment will be gathered to address your cleaning needs, including brushes and vacuum equipment specially designed to remove ductwork debris. In addition to cleaning supply ducts, return ducts, air vents, and diffusers, your system will also undergo routine cleaning and maintenance as well, addressing system components such as your heat exchanger, coils, drain pan, fan motor and housing, and system housing. This ensures thorough cleaning results as well as the smooth and efficient operation. In all cases of duct cleaning, it is also necessary to address the source of the dirty air duct to prevent a recurrence, including moisture, water, dust, debris, pest contamination, and other pollutants.

Want to reduce the need for duct cleaning?

  • Regularly change your air filter.

  • Regularly schedule annual professional maintenance and cleaning.

  • Maintain good housekeeping practices to reduce the likelihood of contaminants.

  • Ensure air intakes are properly located.

  • Have your ductwork regularly inspected.

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