Four Reasons to Love Your HVAC System

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Valentine’s Day is all about showing love to those who are always there for you, who never let you down and who can always make you feel better after a long, hard day. Sound like anyone you know? What about your home’s HVAC system?

Here are some reasons why you should show some love to your HVAC system this holiday…

Keeps You Comfortable

Imagine living through a bitterly cold blizzard or scorching hot heat wave without your beloved furnace or air conditioner. Thankfully, you are able to stay nice and toasty during the winter and fresh and cool during the summer in your climate-controlled home. Comfortable temperature in your home definitely creates a more productive and pleasant environment to live in.

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Makes You Smell Good

Thank your air conditioner for preventing you from sweating profusely and making sure you stay dry and feeling fresh on those sweltering summer days. Bonus – by guaranteeing you aren’t drowning in a pool of your own perspiration, you are also lowering your risk of dehydration.

Can Save Your Life

A furnace or heater makes sure you don’t end up with frostbite or hypothermia during the cold Michigan winters. Meantime, an air conditioner stops you from passing out in high temperatures.

Maintains Your Health

Your HVAC system can reduce the amount of allergens, dust and pollen in the air and improve the overall air quality in your home. Without the filters in your HVAC system, your allergies may be more severe, and sicknesses and germs can linger in the air longer. Your HVAC system provides you with clean, healthy, filtered air.

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Basically, your HVAC works for you day and night. Have you ever known anything to be more dedicated to your wellbeing or more deserving of love and admiration? Well, yes, your significant other for sure, but your HVAC system comes in a close second place. Make sure you return your HVAC system’s kindness with continued maintenance and annual check-ups!

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Aire Serv® team, and always let us know how we can make your life more comfortable!

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