Four Winter Furnace and Home Myths Dispelled

House during a snow storm with snow on the ground

As the winter months approach and the cold temperatures stick around, many homeowners will start to rely on the myths and fables they hear to reduce their utility bills, or warm their home. Don’t be fooled by heating myths. Aire Serv has four myths homeowners should be aware of during the cold winter months.

Myth: Reduce the heating bill by closing vents and registers.

Air duct vent

Most newer model homes have forced-air heating systems, which balance pressure to equally distribute heat throughout the home. By closing off vents and registers the balance is thrown off causing the heating system to work much harder to heat the home.

Myth: Your house will heat up faster if you set the thermostat higher.

Heating systems deliver air at the same constant rate no matter how high the heat is set. If it is cold and the thermostat temperature is set to 80 degrees to “quickly” warm the house, you will find the heating

system will just run at the same rate until it reaches the desired temperature.

Myth: Adjusting the thermostat while gone won’t do anything for your bill.

Person pushing button on digital thermostat

The warmer you keep the house, whether in it or not, the more your utility bills will cost. Reducing the temperature while you are out can significantly reduce the utility bill. According to TXU Energy and Gas, the ideal home temperature in the winter is 78 degrees. Setting the thermostat to 74 degrees can reduce the monthly heating costs by 32 percent because less energy is being spent on keeping the home at 78 degrees.

Myth: Cold floors are a part of winter.

Woman relaxing on bed

A cold kitchen or bathroom floor during winter may be because your home is not properly insulated. Homes should be able to keep warm air in and cold air out during the winter months. If your floors are abnormally cold, check for air leaks around windows, doors and ductwork. It may just mean that you need to seal your home to reduce the cold drafts from occurring.

Breathe. Aire Serv is here to help you find peace of mind with clean, comfortable air.