Is Your Furnace Ready to Retire?

Green street sign reading "retirement next exit"
Is your furnace on ready to be retired? Probably so, if the old one is suffering frequent breakdowns or requiring costly repairs. The good news is that the new furnace will be far more efficient, reducing your heating bills while keeping you more comfortable on the coldest winter nights. Here’s what you need to know about replacing your furnace.

Fix or Replace?

A good rule of thumb is that it’s time to replace your furnace if it’s beyond three-quarters of its life expectancy and the repairs would cost more than a third of replacement cost. How do you know if it’s beyond three-quarters of its life expectancy? Check the label (or ask your Aire Serv technician) for its manufacturer date. Furnaces last an average of 15 to 20 years, according to a study by the National Association of Home-builders and Bank of America —perhaps another five or six years if it’s a high-quality brand and has been regularly maintained.

Check the ducts

There’s more to a heating system than the furnace and your home’s ducts—the tubes that deliver the heated air from room to room—can be a major source of inefficiency. Our Aire Serv technicians can improve the old ducts by removing the insulation, taping up gaps, and re-insulating.

What Next?

Give Aire Serv a call so we can set up an assessment for your home. Breathe. We’re here to help you find peace of mind with clean, comfortable air.