Is Your HVAC System Prepared for Snow?

Snow-covered trees and ground with clear sky
We’ve barely made it into November and already meteorologists are forecasting snow in Michigan. Don’t get me wrong, I love winters in Michigan - but this is too darn early!

Snow-covered road

There are a lot of things homeowners should do to make sure their home is ready to handle snow. Aside from stocking the car with supplies like blankets, battery chargers and bottled water, there are things that should be done to the home to make sure it is ready before the cold weather comes and stays for months on end.

Furnace Maintenance

Homeowners should schedule a yearly maintenance inspection for their furnace system. Even if the system is fairly new, homeowners should have this done. Since systems stay off for long periods of time before being used again, they should be inspected before they are used for the fall and winter. Be sure to have the air filters replaced, vents cleaned and install fresh batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Prep Air Conditioners For Winter

Air conditioners should be properly stored during the fall and winter. Window units should be removed, covered and placed in an area like the garage for safe keeping until they are needed again. Be sure to clean the vents and filter of the window unit before storing it. Outside units should be covered to protect from the elements and debris. Never use sharp objects, like shovels, to remove snow and ice from air conditioning units.

Woman in snow attire

Clean the Chimney

Always remember to clean the fireplace and chimney before use. Check for and remove any soot build up that may have occurred since the last time the fireplace was used on a continuous basis. It is also important to check the top of the chimney for areas where birds may have nested.

Rain gutters filled with leaves

Clear Gutters

Clear out and remove leaves and debris from the gutters. Proper drainage will not take place if leaves and debris are clogging the gutter system. Backed up and clogged guttering can cause water to run off the side and up the roof, possibly causing extensive water damage to the home.

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These helpful tips will help you be prepared to handle winter and keep your home and HVAC systems protected. Breathe. We’re here to help you find peace of mind with clean, comfortable air.

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