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Stop Wasting Money

Hate to Waste Energy? Save Now!

Why would you even consider replacing your furnace this time of year? Winter is still several months away! Well, wouldn’t you rather be proactive rather than reactive? Nobody wants to be left out in the cold. Besides, fall can bring some pretty chilly nights to Michigan.

Begin the Heating Season with Worry-Free Savings

The average life of a gas furnace is about 20 years - and that’s assuming you took care of it with routine maintenance and filter changes. Because of performance losses over the years, your 20-year-old furnace probably performed at about 60 percent efficiency last winter. If you upgrade to a new unit, you could save 35 percent on your heating costs.

On top of substantial energy savings from day one, you can rest assured your new furnace will function smoothly for many seasons to come. On the off chance that it does break down, the warranty should help cover the cost of replacement parts and labor. This provides the peace of mind you long for as life gets hectic in the fall.

If you’re ready to explore your furnace replacement options, please schedule a free in-home consultation with an Aire Serv technician today.

Breathe. We’re here to help you find peace of mind with clean, comfortable air.